Take your pick of the world's most romantic vacations.

With so many beautiful places in the world, there are an equal amount of romantic vacations to take. There are so many possibilities as far as what to choose when you are looking for romantic vacations. So perhaps the issue will not be finding one, but settling on one. Whether you are looking for one of the most perfect romantic vacations for a honeymoon or the perfect anniversary gift, we have got you covered. Let's take a look at some of the world most romantic vacations locations. Take your pick from the best romantic vacations in the USA as well as the world. Here are some of the most romantic vacations then next time you are looking to get away.

Romantic Vacations in the USA

Looking to stay in the states for one of your next romantic vacations? Here are some of the USA's most hidden gems. Take your pick of these hidden gems that make the perfect location for any and all romantic vacations.

1. Go on a Cruise

romantic vacations - Go on a Cruise

Are you looking to go out on a romantic vacation with another couple? Then consider going on a cruise. Get your passport ready because cruises are great romantic getaway options for many reasons. For starters, Cruises tend to be incredibly affordable, especially if you book them online and in advanced. Not only that but you will get to visit a majority of romantic locations that make for the perfect romantic getaway.

Some of our top favorite cruises include cruise ships that take you out to the Caribbean and other tropical island paradises. Set sail with another couple of your choice if you want to have loads of fun. When it is time to sneak away from your traveling companions, you and your loved ones will have a variety of activities to choose from for some one on one time.

2. Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley, California

Go to the heart of wine country by booking your romantic getaway to Napa Valley, California. You don't have to travel outside of the U.S. to go on a beautiful romatic vacation. Unbeknownst to many, Napa Valley has so much to offer for the ultimate romantic vacation. There are a variety of low-key activities that are perfect for any couple. Explore the architecture, the organic markets, and the vintage railway that will take you to some of the most beautiful wineries you have ever laid your eyes on.

When it’s time to go out to eat, take your pick of some splendid fine dining options. While you are here, don’t forget to book a Napa Valley tour to get a taste of some of the most delicate wines this part of the country has to offer. Along with your tour, you can expect to take part in a romantic picnic lunch.

3. Sedona, Arizona

romantic vacations - Sedona, Arizona

For the couple that wants to venture out west, book your tickets and take a trip down to Sedona, Arizona for a romantic vacation. This location is perfect for the couple who needs a romantic getaway while also doing a fair bit of hiking, exploring, and getting lost in the wilderness. Surround yourself by striking red rocks in the scenic desert town.

Venture out into the city center, and you’ll find some great fine dining restaurants that serve some of the town's local Verde Valley wine. Get your camera ready because this scenic location will be begging you to photograph it. While you and your loved one are out here, don’t forget to take a scenic drive through the desert. And it’s a must that you book your tickets in advance to take a tour of majestic Antelope Canyon.

4. Maggie Valley, North Carolina

romantic vacations - Maggie Valley

Are you looking for a romantic vacation with a little bit of charm? Then head on over to Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Get lost in the wilderness by renting out a cabin or mountain home in the lush valley. Don’t forget to bring along some proper hiking gear either. There are plenty of trails and hidden paths that you and your loved one can venture out and get lost in.

We recommend booking this fabulous romantic vacation during the fall when the leaves start to change colors. Look forward to cozying up by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate during the evening. Then, get well rested for the next day so you can enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery North Carolina has to offer. Don’t forget to stop by the local city center to enjoy some fine dining as well as live entertainment with the locals. Get lost in the southern charm that Maggie Valley, North Carolina has to offer.

5. Savannah, Georgia

romantic vacations - Savannah, Georgia

Nicholas Sparks has nothing on you and your beautiful relationship. Make your own love story by visiting Savannah Georgia on a romantic vacation. Charm your loved one by staying at one of the many southern rental homes available alongside the picturesque cobblestone streets.

Take a walking tour during the day, or enjoy a riverboat cruise during the evening. Head downtown for a taste of some authentic Southern cooking. And if you have a chance, it would be worth your money to book a horse drawn carriage ride through one of the most romantic cities the state has to offer. Before you go, be sure to look up the love story of the Spanish moss that litters the trees to woo your loved one when she least expects it.

6. Charleston, South Carolina

romantic vacations - Charleston

If the Southern charm of Savannah, Georgia doesn’t do it for you, then Charleston, South Carolina just might do the trick. This porcelain city is jam packed with historic buildings, beautiful beaches, and some of the most charming shopping centers available. Stroll through the palm tree lined city center and enjoy some of the most exceptional dining that the south has to offer.

Along with this, take part in some fabulous, relaxed shopping.  If you’re here for a weekend, then schedule in a couple's cooking class at the Zero George Cooking School. Want to include some fun in the sun? Then book your trip during the summer season and relax on some of the most beautiful beaches the East Coast has to offer.

7. Albuquerque, New Mexico

romantic vacations - Albuquerque

Escape the city for a romantic vacation in Albuquerque New Mexico. Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico and has so much to offer. Get breathtaking views of the desert behind an equally impressive skyline. If you really want to enjoy the views of the desert, then be sure to take your significant other on a hot air balloon ride. For fans of the hit show “Breaking Bad”, be sure to book a tour to take a look at some of the behind the scenes of where the show was filmed. For the couple who enjoys adventure and doesn't mind getting a little dirty, Albuquerque, New Mexico makes for the perfect romantic vacation.

8. Aspen Colorado

romantic vacations - Aspen Colorado

Credit: Flickr

Fall in love all over again by taking a romantic vacation to Aspen Colorado. Aspen, Colorado is the perfect romantic getaway for couples who love adventure, winter, and luxury. With so much to do here, you might want to consider staying the whole week for your romantic vacation. Be sure to take a horse and carriage ride along the beautiful mountains during the day. And if you’re up for it, Take a couple's cooking course at the Aspen Cooking School. If you do plan on coming for the skiing, be sure to bring along your own ski equipment to avoid hefty equipment fees. If you plan on visiting Aspen during the summer, there’s just as much fun to do here. From paragliding to whitewater rafting, you are sure to find an adventure around every corner.

9. New Orleans, Louisiana

romantic vacations - New Orleans

Get your groove on by taking a trip over to New Orleans. This jazz hub is one of the most perfect romantic vacations for any couple’s getaway. From the food to the nightlife, romance oozes from every aspect of this charming town. Countless popular restaurants offer some of the best Louisiana cooking you will ever come across. When the afternoon cools off a bit, take a romantic stroll through Jackson Square. Be sure not to miss out on the historic Bourbon street either. Stop by this iconic street for a nice dinner or nighttime soiree. Whatever you choose, you cannot go wrong in this lively city.

10. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

The slow, romantic pace of Honolulu makes it the perfect spot for any and all romantic vacations. Enjoy the sun and surf in one of the most famous beaches in the state; Waikiki Beach. Lounging around in your Hawaiian resort is a must for your romantic vacation. If you want to get out and explore, then consider booking a day trip snorkeling excursion to snorkel with some of the states majestic sea turtles. For the ultimate Hawaiian experience, be sure to book a Paradise Cove Luau that is complete with a Hawaiian Mai Tai. Enjoy a day in paradise with some excellent Hawaiian cuisine and watch the sun set over the beautiful island.

Romantic Vacations around the World

If you have a big anniversary coming up then this half of the list is for you. The world is full of beautiful places, and it's only right that you explore them with your significant other. Here are some of the most romantic spots in the world that make for the best romantic vacations destinations.

11. Venice, Italy

romantic vacations - Venice, Italy

It doesn’t get any more romantic than Venice. If you are looking for a special romantic vacation, then book your trip to Venice today. From having some of the most excellent food that Italy has to offer to wandering around and getting lost in the streets of Venice. There’s romance in every corner, and you are sure not to miss out. When you get here, be sure to take a romantic a gondola ride down the enchantingly magical Venetian canals.

Sit back, relax and take in the beautiful views that will be around every corner. When the sun gets too hot, be sure to stop at one of the many gelato stores that are scattered around the city. Indulge and enjoy authentic gelato ice cream while you get lost in the Venetian charm that surrounds you. Without a doubt, Venice is one of the most perfect locations for a romantic vacation.

12. Cinque Terre, Italy

romantic vacations - Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy is home to five hidden fisherman villages that are a more modest version of the Amalfi coast towns. Pick any one of the five fishing villages to call home for your romantic vacation, and you will not go wrong. Enjoy authentic Italian cooking and fresh seafood at one of the many homey restaurants the villages have to offer. Explored the beautiful fishing villages by day through the trail that connects all five villages together. By evening, grab a seat at one of the few outdoor dining restaurants that the villages have and enjoy the views of the calm breeze that are brought in by the Tyrrhenian Sea. This beautiful neck of Italian charm makes for the perfect romantic vacation. It does not hurt that Cinque Terre also doubles up as the ideal anniversary gift.

13. Paris France

romantic vacations - Paris France

Paris, France is the city of love, so if you’re looking for a romantic vacation, Paris has got to be on your list. Stroll down the cobblestone Parisian streets and find a cute little coffee shop to enjoy the city life. When you are done indulging in some of Paris' finest pastries, stroll your way over to the Eiffel Tower. Whether you decide to climb it or not, you’ll have a fantastic view of the city's charming landscape.

Some activities that you cannot miss out on include the Sainte-Chapelle Cathedral. Take in the beautiful stained glass windows and revel at the history that the most elegant royal chapel in France has to offer. When you are done being mesmerized by the stained glass window collection, make your way over to the Notre Dame Cathedral where an equal amount of amazement awaits you. Finally, be sure to top off your trip by making a trip to the Louvre Museum. It is here that you can hopefully get a glance at the beautiful Mona Lisa painting. This iconic city is not one to be missed out on if you are looking for the perfect romantic vacation.

14. Valencia, Spain

romantic vacations - Valencia, Spain

Take up a trip over to one of Spain’s most hidden gems, Valencia Spain. Valencia is on the East Coast of Spain and offers some of the most beautiful sites that the country has to offer. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain that boasts thriving cultural dining and nightlife scenes. For a romantic getaway with a little dose of fun, this makes for the perfect location. Enjoy market gardens, delicious dining, and one of a kind wines in this beautiful city. Be sure to take part in an authentic Valencian paella cooking class for a romantic day activity. For the active couples who love to get around, consider booking a bike tour of the city. You can’t go wrong by picking Valencia Spain for your next for a romantic vacation.

15. The Maldives​​​​​

romantic vacations - The Maldives

If you’re looking to blow your significant other out of the water with a romantic vacation, then the Maldives is the place for you. This romantic vacation is hands down one of the most romantic places in the world. This romantic vacation makes for the perfect tropical getaway and is easily one of the most beautiful places to lounge around in the Indian Ocean.

Book a romantic private Bungalow on some of the clearest waters you have ever laid your eyes on and lounge around during the daytime or take a swim in the beautiful turquoise, blue waters. If you are lucky, you might even get the chance to swim with a nurse shark or two. Bring along your scuba gear to take in the beautiful wonders of the underwater world. When you are ready to get your grub on, you can head on over to the mainland for some authentic Malaysian cuisine. The Maldives makes for the perfect anniversary gift because it is beautiful in every shape and form.

16. Iceland

romantic vacations - Iceland

Iceland has been hitting the headlines as one of the most popular destinations this travel season. This beautiful country is not just a hotbed for travel enthusiasts, but it makes for the perfect location for a romantic vacation. Time your visit just right and you might get a chance to woo your significant other with the northern lights. If you are here during Iceland's colder season, then be sure to stop by the Blue Lagoon Thermal Spa.

Explore the South Coast by booking a classic Icelandic tour and soak in some of the most beautiful waterfalls and glaciers you’ve ever seen. While you are here, it is a must that you book a puffin express cruise to see some of the cutest puffin birds that the country is famous for. Along with this, while you’re in the South Coast, be sure to pay a visit to the Glacier Lagoon to take in the country’s most famous black beaches with strewn ice glaciers. It doesn’t hurt to book a whale tour while you’re in this majestic country either. Lucky for you prices to Iceland have continued to be relatively affordable, so this is the perfect romantic vacation if you’re looking to get a bang for your buck.

17. Majorca, Spain

romantic vacations - Majorca, Spain

Are you looking for romantic vacations that are suitable for the stars? Then head over to Majorca, Spain. Some of Hollywood's most cutest couples have been spotted here, and you should be too. Majorica is perfect hideaway as it is the largest Balearic Island on the Mediterranean Sea. You won't find any big box touristy developments here. Instead, be ready to be greeted by cute little homey hotels. They offer the right mix of hospitality and charm, so you can't go wrong. Not only that, but you can take your pick of some of the country's most perfect beaches to lounge around on.

18. Santorini Greece

romantic vacations - Santorini Greece

Make your way over to Santorini, Greece for one of the most romantic vacations that is sure not to be forgotten. During the day, explore the blue and white maze of Santorini. When the sun gets a little too hot, make your way down for a luxurious cruise. Book any one of the fantastic catamaran cruises and enjoy the beautiful city from the sea. For an added dose of luxury and romance, you may want to book a dinner cruise while you watch the sunset over the Aegean Sea. From tours to sightseeing to postcard picture perfect backdrops. Santorini is the ideal destination as far as romantic vacations go.

19. Florence, Italy

romantic vacations - Florence, Italy

Another one of our favorite romantic vacations is in the home of romance itself. Florence, Italy is one of the most perfect romantic vacations for couples who are looking to get away. This romantic getaway makes for the perfect gift for history buff couples as well. Get charmed by the city’s unbelievable historical past. While you are here, be sure to visit some of the most fabulous museums on this side of the planet. Make a trip to the Accademia Gallery to feast your eyes on the one and only Michelangelo's David. Walk along the cobblestone streets of this romantic city and get lost in the charm. Then, when it’s time to make a wish, head over to the Trevi Fountain to make your everlasting wish come true. Don’t forget to wrap up your evening with some delicious Italian pasta and some of the finest wines the city has to offer.

20. St. Moritz, Switzerland

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Get lost in the high alpine resort town of St. Moritz in Eastern Switzerland. This resort town is the perfect getaway if you are looking for some relaxing, romantic fun with a little bit of winter magic. Come here with your loved one and ski down some of the mountains that this beautiful location is known for. Pack along a lunch for a romantic picnic in some of the most beautiful natural lakes as well. Visit Engadine or Lake Staz for a day and be blown away by the natural beauty surrounding you. When you are done, head into the city for some authentic swiss dining. And for the cherry on top? Don’t forget the Swiss chocolate.

Final Thoughts

From trekking across the USA to cruising around the world, there is a slew of romantic vacations to choose from. If you are looking for a quick little getaway, choose one of the many romantic spots across the states. For something a little more unique, pack your bags and venture out to another country. Whatever rocks your boat, one thing is certain. There are plenty of beautiful locations across the globe. With the right person in tow, whichever one you land on is sure to make a romantic getaway.

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