It is no secret that life is short, so it is important to make every moment count.

If you think about it, the average person spends about 700,000 hours on earth. In the grand scheme of things, this is really not a lot of time. It is so important to live life remembering how short it truly is. This helps to make every moment count. Motivated by the reality of life’s temporality, enthusiastic Frenchman Thierry Teyssier aims to inspire with his “wandering hotel” nomadic endeavor.

A hotel is just a building, or is it?

During these hot days, there is no better cure than a boat trip in emerald seas tasting fresh sea urchins, right ? This is just one of the many magical moments you’ll spend with us in Salento ! See you in one month ! #salento #italy #holidays #exclusive #needthis #sohotrightnow

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Thierry Teyssier is launching an innovative spin on travel with his project: 700,000 Heures. He strongly believes that a hotel is not a building, but a state of mind. This mentality is one of wanderlust and respite, the desire to retreat from the havoc of everyday life and reflect on what truly matters. Out of this belief, came Teyssier’s “wandering hotel” inspiration.

The idea of a wandering hotel is truly just how it sounds. Teyssier aims to create a nomadic residency opportunity within select destinations around the globe. The unique nature of the experience allows guests the opportunity to stay in places where the average tourist cannot go. The overall experience is completely adaptable, striving to provide the most personalized travel journey possible.

So where is this wandering hotel going?

The hotel website says their aim is to offer “exceptional destinations, with a new journey offered every six months.” So far its destinations include the exotic Lençois, Brazil; cultural Angkor, Cambodia; and dreamy Salento, Apulia.

The project kicks off this September in the rolling wine country hills of Gagliano del Capo, Salento. It is certainly no shabby start, with guests accommodated within a vast old palace. If this sounds like your kind of adventure, visit the website or follow the hotel’s social media for their latest updates.

Are you up for the adventure? Go beyond the four walls of a traditional hotel with 700,000 and start making every moment count.

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