Discover the top things to do in Bermuda before booking your next trip.

As an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda offers amazing outdoors environments and warm, sunny weather. When traveling to the country, you’ll definitely want to discover the most amazing spots to visit. Rather than spending time in your hotel researching the island’s sites of interest, decide where to go before arriving. If you want to find out about the 10 best things to do in Bermuda, read our list below.

1. Walk along the sands on Horseshoe Bay Beach

things to do in bermuda - Horseshoe Bay Beach

Credit: David

When imagining Bermuda, most people probably think of the island’s stunning beaches. With so many coastal locations to explore, the beach represents an ideal place to visit in Bermuda. While the British Overseas Territory offers tons of sandy spots, the Horseshoe Bay Beach remains a popular site to visit. Named for its horseshoe shape, the beach comprises of pink sands and gives stunning views of the ocean. Lifeguards on the beach also mean you can maintain peace of mind while playing in the water.

After swimming or laying in the sun, visitors can head to The Horseshoe Bay Beach café for delicious food. Satisfy your junk food cravings with some French fries or ice cream. If you’re searching for things to do in Bermuda, make a trip to the Horseshoe Bay Beach. You won’t regret any time spent relaxing or playing in the surf at this stunning location.

2. Tour the historic city of St. George

things to do in bermuda - St. George

Credit: Captain-tucker

Named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, St. George represents a piece of Bermuda’s rich history. Initially the nation’s capital, the site originated in the 17th century during the British exploration. With 400 years of history, this city offers tons of places to see when you come to visit. When exploring the city, you can choose to do a self-guided tour or follow a professional tour guide. Those who like spookier experiences might also take part in a haunted ghost tour of the city at night.

If you decide to travel the city on your own, there are a few places you’ll definitely want to see. The Bridge House, the first building on the island, has centuries-old architecture as well as an art gallery. Additionally, St. Peter’s Church, the oldest Anglican church in the Western hemisphere, is a must-see. You could also stop by the Town Hall to learn about the town’s various mayors throughout the past.

3. Watch the Gombey dancers

things to do in bermuda - gombey dancers

Credit: kansasphoto

As one of the most exciting things to do in Bermuda, the beautiful Gombey dancers are a must-see. Located on Pier Six of Hamilton city, the performers in their colorful costumes offer an amazing display. The Gombey dance and music come from a rich history of British and African influence. Utilizing drums and other instruments like the fife, the dancers play their music in a captivating rhythm along the street. Starting slow, the performance grows in speed until the atmosphere becomes filled with energy.

Depending on the troupe’s backgrounds, various groups will wear different costumes and dance in their own unique style. Some of these movements have special names, such as the snake or freedom dance, so look out for these intricate performances. Though the Gombey dancers don’t perform regularly, there are many occasions during the year to catch them presenting. Harbor nights on Wednesdays during the summer would be an opportune time to see the dancers.

4. Explore the Unfinished Church

things to do in bermuda - Unfinished Church

Credit: Tomwsulcer

Architecture fans should put the Unfinished Church at the top of their list of things to do in Bermuda. Medieval-looking structures, archways, and stone columns give the church a beautiful appearance, despite its uninhabitable interior. Visitors can appreciate the 19th century style and imagine they have stepped into the past while touring the site. Considered a national landmark, the Church remains a popular location for those who want to experience the island’s history.

The church has an intriguing story, as it has never been completed for many reasons. Initially a replacement for St. Peter’s church, the building was abandoned later due to funding costs and destructive weather. While the inside remains closed to tourists for safety concerns, the outside of the church can be explored. Be sure to take a walk around the Church grounds and study the building’s amazing architecture.

5. Discover underground worlds in the Crystal & Fantasy Caves

things to do in bermuda - Fantasy Caves

Credit: Craig Stanfill

These natural attractions should find a spot on your list of things to do in Bermuda. The Crystal & Fantasy caves provide visitors a unique and stunning glimpse of underground caverns. Filled with rock formations of every size and shape, tours through these locations feel like explorations in a fantasy land. Chandelier clusters and crystallized soda straws hang down from the ceiling, producing the appearance of icicles or dangling light fixtures.

The blue underground pools inside the caves also create a mystical atmosphere. As the glow from the pools light the caves, the environment transforms into a site of mystery and wonder. For tourists looking to bring their family on a fun adventure, the caves offer the perfect activity for exploration. Kids will love seeing these amazing structures as they feel in awe of the power of nature.

6. Taste Island Fusion Food at Mad Hatters

things to do in bermuda - Mad Hatters

Credit: TravelingOtter

Known for being one of Bermuda’s best restaurants, the Mad Hatters offers delicious and gourmet food to visitors. Located in Hamilton, this dining location serves flocks of tourists and residents on a regular basis. A mix of European, North American, and Thai influences, the cuisine possesses unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else. Alongside a set menu, a range of talented chefs also provide daily specials depending on demand or the season.

Mad Hatters also boasts an elegant, yet lively atmosphere that encourages a fun and exciting culinary experience. Inside the main dining area, the walls contain decorations in the form of costume hats. Some of the head-gear offered include pirate hats, Viking horns, and a construction helmet. While eating at the Mad Hatters, you won’t feel the need to take yourself too seriously. Dining at this restaurant is probably one of the best things to do in Bermuda.

7. Ride a bike down the Bermuda Railway Trail

things to do in bermuda - Railway Trail

Credit: Flickr


Representing the remnants of Bermuda’s retired railway, the Bermuda Railway Trail offers tourists an alternative viewpoint of the island. After 40 years of the railway’s closing, Bermuda created a trail from the railroad’s right of way. Just outside Hamilton, the trail lets visitors walk, cycle, and even roller-blade down the path. While taking a trek down this trail, tourists can expect to see lots of trees and wild animals. Make sure to catch a glimpse of the surrounding sea once the path takes you out to the coast.

Since the trail encompasses many miles, the path contains different sections to visit. Some popular locations include Baily’s Bay and Somerset Village. You might even find some interesting spots, like an old chapel or a small cove. During your visit to the trail, we recommend wearing sunscreen and comfortable shoes, since you’ll be active for a while.

8. Try the local roast at Rock Island Coffee

things to do in bermuda - Rock Island Coffee

Looking for relaxing things to do in Bermuda? The Rock Island Coffee café offers a cozy and alternative environment to stop and enjoy the moment. Utilizing locally-grown beans, the café’s coffee will satisfy lovers of the drink with its rich and bold flavors. Visitors can also choose from hot cocoa, tea, and other cool drinks if they're not a huge fan of coffee.

As you drink the Rock Island café’s brew, be sure to try one of the location’s delicious baked treats. The items on the menu include sweet desserts like cookies, cakes, macaroons, and croissants. Take your time and enjoy the café’s calm and unique atmosphere. Once you get that burst of energy from the coffee, you’ll be ready to continue your traveling adventure.

9. Learn about the island’s history in the National Museum of Bermuda

things to do in bermuda - BermudaDockyard

Credit: SeanMD80

If you can’t think of any low-key things to do in Bermuda, visit the island’s National Museum. While there, visitors will learn tons about Bermuda’s history and culture. Information about slavery, Bermuda coinage, and more can all be found in the museum. Children will also love the Museum Playground & Playhouse, which has interactive activities and a giant moray eel. With countless exhibits shown year-round, you’ll be sure to find something that you enjoy.

Alongside the museum’s main display, artwork from a local artist can also be viewed. Murals, artifacts from shipwrecks, and Bermuda watercraft include just some of the artist’s pieces showing at the museum. Additionally, the National Museum of Bermuda offers free admission for school groups and visitors under the age of 16.

10. Trek up the Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse

things to do in bermuda - Lighthouse

Credit: Craig Stanfill

Established in the 19th century, the Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse has provided seafarers with a guiding light for many years. Built before the availability of steel, the lighthouse represents a unique structure, as it was made with cast iron. Visitors can walk the 185 steps to the top of the lighthouse and see amazing views of the island. After making the trek back down, check out the location’s gift shop to find some cool souvenirs.

In addition to climbing the lighthouse, tourists should also have a meal inside the Dining Room. The site’s restaurant offers amazing outdoor views and delicious seafood dishes. You’ll feel cozy inside the lighthouse keeper’s cottage, where the dining location can be found. Stopping by the Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse remains one of the most popular things to do in Bermuda.

Uncover the best places to visit while traveling in Bermuda.

When you decide to visit Bermuda, make sure you discover all the activities the island has to offer. From exploring a centuries-old city to riding a bike through the natural environment, you’ll find an activity that’s worthwhile. Before booking your trip to the island, go through our list of the top 10 things to do in Bermuda.

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