Packing Tips: How to Organize Makeup for All Your Travel

Deciding what clothes to pack can be hard enough. So many options, so many “what if” scenarios (what if I need this top, these pants, this jacket?), and so little storage space in your suitcase. As we said, packing clothes is hard enough. Then, when you start thinking about your makeup and toiletry items, the challenge can become even tougher, especially if you really love makeup. What items do you leave behind? What eyeshadow palettes do you sacrifice? What if you end up needed that backup mascara?

You have questions and we have answers. If you tend to get caught in a similar web of questions, then you have come to the right place. We have several tips and tricks up our sleeve that will help ease the makeup packing process. Figuring out how to organize makeup and pack makeup for travel no longer has to be a challenge. Follow our top 5 tips and you'll be packing your makeup bag like a pro in no time. When deciding what to bring and what to leave at home, refer to these top tips and tricks to maximize storage space. Here are the top 5 tips on how to organize makeup for travel:

Tips & Tricks to Better Organize Your Makeup for Travel

Invest in a good makeup bag

how to organize makeup - bag

Investing in a good makeup bag is key to successfully packing and organizing your makeup for travel. There are so many travel cosmetic bags on the market and the options can be overwhelming. We know that choosing the best bag for you is no small task. Therefore, refer to our helpful guide when trying to decide which travel makeup bag is best for you. Depending on the products that you use most often, you can find the makeup bag that best meets your needs. The compartments in every bag are different. Maybe you only want a bag that has one main zipper compartment where all of your products can pile in. Maybe you need a bag with brush holders and more inner organization. Our helpful guide has a makeup bag for every sort of traveler. Learning how to organize makeup for travel begins with investing in a quality makeup bag.

When looking for a makeup bag, we highly recommend choosing one that is at least water-resistant. An even better option would be a bag that is waterproof. You know how it is when washing your face and the counter gets covered in water… Keep your makeup products dry by getting yourself a bag that won't get ruined when it touches the water.

Keep it simple

how to organize makeup - Keep it simple

Keep it simple, keep it simple. We cannot say it enough: Keep it simple. We know it can be easy to go overboard when trying to decide what makeup products to take with you on your trip. We all start playing the “what if” game very quickly. What if I lose my foundation? I will need a backup. What if I regret not packing this eyeliner? I have never worn it, but maybe during this trip I will feel the urge to wear it for the first time! The “what if” game has got to end when learning how to pack and organize your makeup bag efficiently. Learning how to organize makeup for travel is all about only packing the essentials.

How do you discover what your essentials are? Think about the products you use everyday. Those staples that you wear on the daily will need to be packed. However, if you apply 40 different products everyday, then try your best to slice that number down. Only bring the products that are essential for your look. This will keep your makeup bag uncluttered.

Only bring the basics. Keep it simple. These are our two best tips. And, if you are going on a beach vacation, you may want to consider going makeup-free altogether and letting your skin breathe. Challenge yourself to go without makeup to the beach or the lake for a day. Your skin will thank you very much. Also, your cosmetic bag will thank you because makeup-free days mean less products that the bag needs to hold.

Use reusable travel-size bottles

reusable travel-size bottles

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Avoid packing large shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bottles. Instead, transfer those products into reusable travel bottles. Make sure the reusable bottles are TSA-approved (3 ounces or less) so you won't have issues when passing through airport security. Investing in reusable travel bottles is very cost-effective too. Though the travel size shampoos, conditioners, body washes, gels, and lotions are cute to look at, they can hurt your wallet when you buy them again and again for every trip you go on. Save money by transferring the products you use at home from large bottles to 3 ounces travel-size bottles. Opting for travel size reusable bottles will take up way less space in your makeup bag and keep your suitcase lightweight.

Coordinate with your outfits

makeup - coordinate with your outfits

Neutral colored makeup products go with everything. If you vibe with more of a natural look than this tip doesn't necessarily apply to you since, again, neutrals match with any outfit. However, if you are one that enjoys a splash of color and a bold, bright lip, then be sure to coordinate which products you bring with the outfits you pack. There is no sense in bringing your dark purple eyeshadow if it will clash with every article of clothing you packed. Therefore, remember to plan your makeup around your ensembles.

Another tip is to bring along a diverse color palette. Instead of packing your one green palette, your one blue palette, and your one pink palette (remember we are trying to keep it simple!), pack just one diverse palette that has each color in the lineup. Investing in a diverse color palette (if you don't have one already) is well worth it if you want to maximize the space in your makeup bag when traveling.

We know that the storage space in your makeup bag is precious. Cutting back on the number of products you bring on your trip is a must. Coordinating your products with your outfits is something to keep in mind when you are packing. Only bring the makeup products that you know you will use.

Do without the makeup brush (where you can)

makeup brush

Wherever you can do without the makeup brushes, we suggest doing without the makeup brushes. These brushes simply take up too much space in your bag, and, are they absolutely necessary. Okay, some brushes are necessary, but all of them? Say adios to the ones you can do without and say hello to using clean fingers to apply your foundation. Travelers can also use sponges and Q-tips to apply their foundation, blush, and eye products if using your fingers grosses you out.

However, you may want to consider the benefits to using your fingers to apply makeup. Using your fingers to apply your makeup is great because your body heat ends up warming up the product when you rub it between your fingers. This makes the product that much easier to blend. When working with liquid foundation, we suggest leaving your makeup brush at home and trying out this new technique! Going brush-less will save space in your makeup bag and it could lead to better blending. That is a win-win in our eyes.

Happy Packing!

Extra brushes, palettes, and makeup products can take up valuable space in your bag. The secret when learning how to organize makeup for travel is to keep it simple. Whatever you pack, keep it minimal and stick to the absolute basics. Stray away from entertaining all the “what ifs” and only pack products that you use on a daily basis. If the product you are considering is not part of your everyday look, then set it aside. Once you have all of your items in your bag, then you can take a look at the pile of items you set aside and incorportate whatever fits.

Before setting off on your trip, you may be hitting the store to purchase some new organizational items. When you go to purchase a quality makeup bag, make sure to purchase some reusable travel-size bottles as well. These bottles are cost-effective and take up far less space compared to large shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bottles. Another prime tip is to go brush-less where you can. Also, coordinate your makeup colors with the outfits you intend to wear. These are our best tips and tricks for organizing and packing your makeup bag well! We hope you found this article helpful. We know that packing can be a struggle, but hopefully this guide of tips and tricks will serve you well.

What are your favorite travel beauty tips? How do you organize your makeup bag when you are traveling? Share with us in the comments section below! We would love to hear about your tips and tricks.

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