Experience the enchanting Slovakian capital.

Within Europe, you will find many hidden gems. From hidden cities to ancient architecture, each corner of the continent contains something new to experience. One particular place worth noting is Bratislava, Slovakia. Mark your maps, because the magic of this mountainside city will make you wonder why you have never heard of it before.

Czechoslovakia famously split into two countries in 1992. From the separation came the nations of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The lesser known of the two countries, Slovakia, certainly holds some magic waiting to be discovered. A noteworthy part of Slovakia is its capital and largest city, Bratislava. In fact, Conde Nast Traveler included Bratislava on their list of best places to travel in 2018. Check out why Bratislava should be on your list as well.

Here is some of what Bratislava has to offer its visitors.

Tucked within the Little Carpathian mountain range and lined with vineyards, Bratislava is a charming town. Of course, its obscurity only adds to the city’s enchantment. Only an hour from Vienna, Bratislava is the perfect destination for a day trip. The abundant hills around Bratislava encourage a variety of outdoor recreation, such as hiking and biking.

You can then head into the city for a tour of ancient European history and to experience Slovakia’s appealing local culture. Within the city you’ll find the iconic Old Town, dating back to the 18th century. Walk the colorful, car free streets and take in the architectural beauty from hundreds of years ago. The city also boasts an array of ancient edifices, such as the beautiful Bratislava Castle.

Add Bratislava, Slovakia to your travel itinerary for your next trip to Europe. This quaint, hillside town has everything you look for in a European city, and more.

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