The Most Famous Mountains in the World Are Calling. Will You Go?

From Nepal to New Zealand, Canada to Italy, glorious mountain ranges sweep all across this marvelous world. The massive size, impressive peaks, and unique shape of the famous mountains that we are revealing are sure to catch your attention. Whether you are into climbing, photography, or both, these great mountains will have you packing your bags (climbing gear and camera in hand) to witness these wonders in person. Because, honestly, the photos cannot compare to the real deal. Here are the 15 most famous mountains in the world. Nature enthusiasts, climbers, and appreciators of beauty will all be left in awe once they see these spectacular structures. If these mountains are not already on your bucket list, they will be by the end of this article.

1. Mount Everest

famous mountains - Mount Everest

Located in the Himalayas, Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth. The mountain stands at a staggering 29,029 feet and is situated on the border of Nepal and Tibet. This challenging and impressive mountain attracts well-experienced mountaineers to embark on a risky endeavor to the summit. The combination of Mount Everest's high altitude, the weather, and the wind creates dangerous climbing conditions. However, it remains one mountain that many climbers from all around the world are eager to attempt in their lifetime. There is no doubt that Everest is one of the most famous mountains in the world.

2. K2

famous mountains K2

Credit: Asif Saeed

In many ways, K2 is even more difficult to climb than Mount Everest. Though K2 stands at a slightly smaller 28,251 feet – making it the second highest mountain on earth – it has one of the highest fatality rates. K2 is located on the border of Pakistan and China. Between the steep terrain and the unpredictable rock fall and avalanches, K2 poses many dangers to climbers. Because of the beauty and challenge of K2, it is among the most famous mountains in the world.

3. Mount Kilimanjaro

famous mountains - Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro rises over the Tanzanian plains. At 19,341 feet, it is the tallest and one of the most famous mountains in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro is an inactive volcano that is today a major climbing destination. In a sense, anyone can climb this popular mountain. You don't need to be a mountaineer, though there are some routes that will be more strenuous than others. One important note is that climbing Kilimanjaro requires a guide. Sign up with an agency for the trek you desire and get ready to set off towards the summit.

4. Mount Fuji

famous mountains - Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is one of Japan's most recognizable landmarks. This famous mountain towers at 12,389 feet and is the highest peak in Japan. Climbing Mount Fuji is a popular activity among locals and tourists alike. The most notable challenge to climbing Mount Fuji is the altitude change. Other than that, the mountain is not technically difficult. Those who wish to admire the mountain from afar and would rather not hike to the summit can delight in the view from Miho no Matsubara. This black sand beach offers a clear view of snow-capped Mount Fuji.

5. Aoraki/Mount Cook

Aoraki/Mount Cook

In the Southern Alps of New Zealand is where this well-known mountain will be found. Aoraki/Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand at a height of 12,316 feet. Located in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, travelers visiting the mountain either to climb or photograph the splendor will find many things to do within the park. There are 10 short hiking paths to walk, glacier viewing and skiing to be had, and of course, mountaineering for those up for the challenge of climbing Aoraki/Mount Cook.

6. Denali/Mount McKinley

famous mountains - Mount McKinley

Denali National Park and Preserve is home to this wondrous mountain. Located in Alaska, U.S.A, Denali/Mount McKinley rises to 20,310 feet. This makes it the highest mountain peak in North America. Because of this, it is one of the most famous mountains in the world and on the continent.

In 2015, the mountain officially changed its name from Mount McKinley to Denali. Since the name change is still so recent, many refer to it by either name. However, officially, this widespread and snowy mountain is known as Denali. The name changed to Denali because the Koyukon people who inhabit the area surrounding the mountain have called the peak “Denali” for centuries.

7. Annapurna

Poking into the sky, Annapurna contains six major peaks over 23,620 feet. At its tallest, the mountain reaches 26,545 feet. The Annapurna peaks, located in the Himalayas, are among the most dangerous in the world to climb. In particular, the ascent on the south face is known to be the most difficult of any climbs. However, Annapurna still remains an awe-striking mountain to visit and see in person.

8. Mount Olympus

At 9,570 feet, Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. In total, there are 52 peaks on Mount Olympus, making it greatly admired by travelers who visit the area. Visitors who wish to adventure on the mountain can do so on various mountaineering and climbing routes.

9. Mont Blanc

famous mountains - Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is the tallest mountain in Europe. The incredible mountain stands at 15,774 feet in elevation and is located in the Alps between Italy and France. Mont Blanc means “White Mountain,” and it is just that. This great mountain attracts skiers and snowboarders to explore its terrain every year. In addition, mountaineers and hikers are welcome to climb Mont Blanc.

10. Kirkjufell

famous mountains - Kirkjufell

Credit: Kevin Grace

In Grundarfjörður, Iceland is where Kirkjufell is found. This uniquely shaped mountain is one of the most photographed mountains in Iceland. It is positioned just off the sea on a peninsula of its own, creating an impressive display of beauty. From the greenery to the waterfall, the landscape of this famous mount draws in professional and amateur photographers to capture the spender.

11. Matterhorn

famous mountains - Matterhorn

Credit: Noel Reynolds

Located in the Alps between Switzerland and Italy, Matterhorn is another strange-shaped peak that is iconic in Europe. The summit rises to a great 14,692 feet. Though lovely to admire, Matterhorn is not the safest of mountains to climb. In fact, the steepness of this mountain makes it among the deadliest peaks in the Alps. Matterhorn is a technical alpine rock, snow, and ice climb. Only the most well-experienced mountaineers should attempt to climb Matterhorn. The rest of us can enjoy the natural beauty from afar.

12. Grand Teton

famous mountains - Grand Teton

Grand Teton is located in Wyoming, U.S.A. The mountain stands at 13,775 feet and is a popular climbing destination. At Grand Teton National Park there are over 200 miles of trails to explore, much wildlife to observe, and pristine lakes to admire.

13. Mount Fitz Roy

At 11,073 feet high, Mount Fitz Roy is a stunning mountain on the border of Argentina and Chile. No mountain range compares to Mount Fitz Roy. The sharp rocks that poke into the sky are unlike any other natural structure in the world. The otherworldly shape of Mount Fitz Roy attracts visitors from all across the globe to come to Patagonia and see the mountain in person. Climbing this mountain is known to be difficult. Only those who have ample technical experience should attempt this climb.

Fun fact: The founder of Patagonia clothing, Yvon Chouinard, used Mount Fitz Roy as the inspiration for the company's logo. For this reason alone, it is among the most recognizable and famous mountains in the world. Can you see the similarities?

14. Mountains of Banff

Mountains of Banff

Credit: Flickr

Banff National Park in Canada is one of North America's most visited parks. And for good reason. Snowy mountains wrap around glassy lakes, creating a glorious display of beauty. The mountains of Banff reveal different shapes, and when reflected off of Moraine Lake, the scenic beauty is enhanced. Mount Assiniboine is the highest mountain within Banff National Park and rises to a mighty 11,870 feet.

15. Table Mountain

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is located in South Africa. This well-known flat-topped mountain overlooks the city of Cape Town and at its highest, the mountain rises to 3,563 feet. Table Mountain isn't famous for its height though, but rather its obscure shape. From side to side, the distance of the mountain's plateau is 2 miles. This Cape Town landmark is a major tourist attraction for travelers visiting the area. Travelers can visit Table Mountain National Park while on their trip to South Africa. Table Mountain is reachable via cableway. There are great panoramic views to take in on the top.

The Mountains Are Calling and You Must Go

We have only scratched the surface on the most amazing mountains around the globe. The natural wonders never cease. These 15 structures are famous for unique reasons and whether you are a pro climber or a hobby photographer, a visit to each of these marvelous destinations needs to be on your list of this to do in the near future. Pack your cameras and get ready for a new adventure. These famous mountains located around the world are staggeringly beautiful and deserve your admiration.

What are some of the most impressive mountains that you have been to? Share with us in the comments section below!

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