Layovers won’t be a problem at this futuristic traveler metropolis.

An airport really only is as cool as its recreational activities. It’s always better to have something to do when you are waiting for your next flight. Some airports offer a slew of stores and restaurants, while others have unique options such as yoga classes. Oslo Airport recently revealed plans for an airport that appears to be straight out of the future. Here travelers can find everything from driverless cars to high-speed light rail transport.

Are you ready for this airport of the future?

This airport city intends to run primarily off of renewable energy. This is practical for the environment, as the facility expands 43 million square feet. Oslo’s aim is for the airport city to have an urban feel to it, you’ll truly feel like you’re exploring a metropolis.

Oslo Airport

A large part of the city will be dedicated to sports and leisure activities. Never again will you grow bored during your layover or delayed flight. The sports area here includes a large swimming pool, climbing facilities, and even parachute rides through the city. Here in Oslo, you can take to the skies even before you take off on your flight.

Businesses and professionals will be glad to hear that Oslo’s airport city intends to include up to 11 million square feet of real estate property. You can rent an office space right in the hub of this ultramodern transportation center.

Don’t start packing your bags just yet, however. Oslo’s plan for this airport city will take up to 30 years to fully complete. The first stage is set to be completed by 2019, and the first buildings by 2022. According to reports, electric planes are also in the future for Oslo Airport, likely by 2030.

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