You’ll soon be saying “Namaste” to the stress of long flights.

Air travel often invokes stress and anxiety for many travelers. Pushing through the crowds, waiting in the TSA line, and running to your connecting flight certainly doesn’t sound like the agenda of a relaxing day. Fortunately, this latest airline innovation has your comfort in mind. Add a little Zen to your flight experience with the latest initiative from Pure Yoga.

Sit back and relax on your next flight with Pure Yoga.

Cathay Pacific Airlines is joining with Pure Yoga in an attempt to revolutionize air travel comfort. Pure Yoga is a popular Asian lifestyle brand with a wide array of classes and events that will surely spark a passion for the ancient art. The collaborative campaign stems from their Life Well Traveled initiative. Donned “Travel Well With Yoga,” the movement allows travelers the opportunity to incorporate yoga into their travel experience, before, during, and after their flight.

yoga sunset

Travel Well With Yoga is a mini-series of instructive yoga videos offered on Cathay Pacific Airlines. Combating travel anxieties, muscle cramping, and the general stress of air travel, this initiative is simply brilliant.

Offered in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese, many international travelers, can benefit from these videos. The series includes six episodes packed full of practical yoga poses and techniques, specifically designed with the traveler in mind. Typically the cabin of a plane doesn’t offer much mobility, so rest assured that each of these poses works while seated. Of course, the videos also include other poses designed for before and after the flight as well, so you simply relax throughout the entire trip.

Sound like just what you need to make the air travel blues go away? Catch a yoga video flight soon and channel that inner peace while above the clouds.

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