Travel trends might be “getting back to their roots” in the near future.

Everyone has their own unique cultural background that makes them special. There is no one with your exact same heritage or genetic make-up. It is always exciting to learn the stories of your family from generations ago, and trace your story as far back as you can. With testing your DNA easier than ever, many people are opting to learn the specifics of their ancestral background. Thus, ancestral travel is born. This heritage focused branch of travel allows participants to explore the countries where they have roots.

Trace your family history and learn more about yourself.

These days, to learn that you are 32.5 percent Irish or 12 percent Asian, you simply have to order a home kit to test your DNA. According to Google Trends, over the past decade, there has been a substantial increase in searches for “My Ancestry.” It is amazing how many unknown family stories resurface once you have tangible evidence about your heritage.


Of course, once you know your roots, it is only natural to have a desire to trace them back. There is a deep richness in traveling to a place where you know your family is from. The sights, smells, and culture all hold a more personalized meaning to you. Because of this, DNA travel may likely be a popular travel trend in the near future.

If you have never taken a DNA test, consider ordering one today. For under $100, you can learn things about yourself and your family that you never knew before. Of course, once you find your roots, then the true journey begins. Take a trip to your ancestral home and marvel at just how small the world truly is.

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