A good luggage tag is a must have accessory for regular travelers. 

The main reason I practice minimalist travel isn't to save money on checked luggage. It's so I can avoid spending any time at baggage claim. The last thing I want to do after a flight is wait another 30 to 60 minutes waiting for my bag to come out. And because I avoid sporting flashy luggage, it takes extra time for me to identify my black suitcase from the rest. Luckily, owning one of the best luggage tags on the market makes this part of my journey a little easier. 

I know, I know. It sounds crazy that an accessory as simple as a luggage tag can make such a strong impact on my journey. But it does. While it may seem like an afterthought to some people, a good luggage tag saves hours of your time at baggage claim. And God forbid your bag gets lost, having your email and phone number on a luggage tag goes a long way. 

So listen up, travelers. Because you're not going to be using a flimsy paper luggage tags anymore. From here on out, you're only going to be using the best of the best luggage tags out there. And if you don't know where to go looking for one, reading through this list is a good place to start.

Top two materials for a good luggage tag

When searching for the best luggage tags, make sure the material will hold up. That means no flimsy plastic tags that are easy to remove. Nothing that will risk falling off in the middle of your trip. If you want one of the best luggage tags on the market that is sure to last you many journeys, keep an eye out for these two materials: 

1. Metal 

Aluminum or stainless steel luggage tags are extremely durable and long lasting. And if you're willing to spend a little extra money, you can have your address and number engraved on the tag. This will only add extra insurance that your information will be clear and easy to read for as long as you use the luggage tag. I also recommend keeping an eye out for steel straps. Not only can they be used on any kind of tag, but they are tough and will not break easily under wear and tear.

2. Leather

If you're searching for a luggage tag that's on the stylish side, then a leather tag is the way to go. Not only do leather tags look good, but they are also strong, durable, and will last you for years. With a thick strap and a metal buckle, that tag isn't going anywhere any time soon. You can also have the option of getting your name engraved or sewn into a leather luggage tag for even more permanence. 

The 15 best luggage tags to consider

Finding the best luggage tags that will perfectly fit your travel needs requires a bit of research. The luggage tag should be durable, easy to spot, and identifiable on the luggage carousel. This list includes a wide variety of the best luggage tags that will appeal to a variety of styles and needs. Ready? Let's get started. 

1. Filson Bridle Luggage Tag

best luggage tags - Filson Bridle

Credit: Filson

For travelers purchasing their first quality luggage tag, the leather Filson Bridge Luggage Tag is a great place to start. This well made, attractive luggage tag hits all the marks. The saddle-grade Bridle Leather is durable and long lasting. Its brass buckle is strong and will secure to any kind of luggage. And the it is the perfect size to fit in most business cards (though we suggest having your address displayed on your luggage tag in a more permanent fashion.) 

One reviewer on the Filson site summed up this product perfectly: “I purchased a few Bridle Leather Luggage Tags and they are just what I expect from Filson. Substantial, mindfully simplistic, and made to last.” 

​Price: $75

2. Briggs & Riley Leather ID Tag

best luggage tags - Briggs & Riley

Credit: Briggs and Riley

If you want a less expensive but equally attractive option as the Filson tag, this suede leather Briggs and Riley luggage tag is another good buy. It's one of the best luggage tags for fashion forward travelers, as the tag is available in three different colors. Take your pick from an olive, black, or burgundy tag. Besides its appealing aesthetics, the tag is also quite durable. Its mesh pocket hidden beneath the front snap enclosure is large enough to hold a standard business card. The metal buckle is sturdy. Overall, this Briggs and Riley luggage tag is a solid, affordable option. 

However, keep in mind that suede wears more easily than pure leather or metal tags. So if you want a luggage tag that will last you for years and years, this may not be your best bet. 

Price: $18

3. Talonport Metal Luggage Tag

best luggage tags - Talonport Metal

Credit: Talonport

This is one of the best luggage tags to purchase if you don't want to replace your tag any time soon. The Talonport Metal Luggage Tag is a high-quality tag made from thick stainless steel, not aluminum. Another great feature this tag has is that it can be easily personalized using either of the two inserts that come with the tag. Additionally, customers are offered two different options to attach the luggage tag to their bags. They can either pick from a black leather strap or a “sturdy steel metal loop.”

But if you do need to replace this tag, you won't even have to purchase a new one. This Talonport tag includes a lifetime luggage tag replacement guarantee. This warranty counts for lost or stolen tags, too. Simply contact Talonport and they will ship out a replacement tag at no extra cost. 

Price: $29.99

4. Eagle Creek Reflective Luggage Tag

best luggage tags - Eagle Creek

Credit: Eagle Creek

This next product isn't leather or metal… But we still consider it to be one of the best luggage tags for travelers looking for an inexpensive option. The Eagle Creek Reflective Luggage Tag is made out of a sturdy, heavy-duty polyester fabric. And, as the name suggests, the material is reflective, which makes it even easier to spot. The tag features a mesh ID window on one side that can be attached to your bag. A sturdy metal buckle and strap system ensures that this luggage tag will not be easily taken off or fall off any time soon. 

The Eagle Creek Reflective Luggage Tag comes in black, orange, and blue. Though it is not the most fashionable luggage tag on the market, it is easy to spot and dependable. 

Price: $9.95

5. Looptworks In Flight Luggage Tag

best luggage tags - Looptworks

Credit: Looptworks

The Looptworks In Flight Luggage Tag is one of the best luggage tags available for many reasons. The main reason is because it is made out of 100% recycled materials. Looptworks teamed up with an airline that wanted to replace its leather seat covers with a lighter material to help conserve fuel. And rather than throwing out the 40 acres of blue tanned leather, Looptworks took the remains and made these sturdy, fashionable, long lasting luggage tags instead. 

These limited-edition luggage tags feature a clear plastic window on one side that can hold a standard sized business card. The tag is water resistant, has a strong adjustable buckled loop that attaches to your luggage, and weighs less than one pound. The product takes between four to six weeks to ship, but we promise you it is well worth the wait. 

Price: $39.00

6. Neoprene Designer Luggage Tags by Art of Travel

best luggage tags - Neoprene

Credit: Art of Travel

These certainly don't look like your typical luggage tags. And that's all thanks to the creative design team at Art of Travel. These Neoprene Designer Luggage Tags are, as the name suggests, name of neoprene. This is a thick, lightweight material that is highly durable. AKA, it won't rip or tear easily under rough conditions, like riding in airplane cargo and being shoved through baggage claim. Another perk of neoprene is that it is stain resistant and easy to clean. Plus, the different patterns available are fun and unique!

These are definitely some of the best luggage tags available for travelers who want something that will truly stand out. But the best part about these luggage tags is that Art of Travel offers a lifetime “rock-solid” warranty. Therefore if luggage tag is defective or gets damage, Art of Travel will ship you a new one free of charge. Plus, the tag is crazy affordable. What's not to love about this product? 

Price: $7.97

7. Keen Luggage Tag

best luggage tags - Keen

Credit: Keen

If you are an avid hiker or outdoor adventurer, then you've probably heard about Keen footwear in the past. And considering how durable Keen hiking shoes are, it should come as no surprise that the Keen Luggage Tag is just as reliable. The tag is made from durable full-grain leather than will not tear under pressure. It features a clear ID window that will hold a standard sized business card. Though the buckle is not made of metal or leather, the plastic has been reviewed as being secure enough to rely on. 

I love Keen and used their hiking shoes when I walked El Camino de Santiago two summers ago. Therefore I cannot recommend this product more highly as one of the best luggage tags for regular travelers. If you opt for this luggage tag, Keen recommends hand washing the tag with warm water and “gentle soap.” Let it air dry to avoid damage. 

Price: $15

8. Lewis N. Clark Luggage Tag

best luggage tags - Lewis N. Clark

Credit: Lewis n Clark

This Lewis n Clark Luggage Tag is easily one of the best luggage tags to buy for travelers who want something that is sure to stand out. And I don't think I need to explain why. Let's be real: you will likely be one of the few travelers who has a tag featuring a jack russell wearing a flower lei and flip flops. The downside is there is not a place for you to put a business card or write in your personal information. But the upside is that if your luggage gets lost, airport workers should easily be able to spot this tag among the rest. 

Okay… Maybe this isn't one of the best luggage tags out there in terms of durability. But it sure is hilarious (and cheap) so it earned itself a spot on the list.

Price: $2.95

9. Smythson Panama Luggage Tag

best luggage tags - Smythson Panama

Credit: Smythson

Smythson, a UK-based company, has been making luxe leather products and stationary for more than 130 years. So you have to believe they've earned themselves some credibility on the quality of their products. And that's why we can recommend the Panama Leather Luggage Tag as one of the best luggage tags available. The design is simple but fashionable and available in five different colors (tan, black, light blue, purple, and navy blue.) One feature this tag has over the other tags on the list is two separate ID pockets: one for your home address, and one for your destination. 

The cross-grain calf leather is sturdy and reliable. The adjustable strap buckle will not snap under heavy weight and harsh conditions. And it is gorgeously stitched with gold or silver thread, depending on the color. Overall, this is one of the best luggage tags travelers can buy for something fashionable and practical – if they're willing to spend a few extra bucks on this quality design. 

Price: $95

10. Away x Tile Luggage Tag

best luggage tags - Away x Tile

Credit: Away

This luggage tag from Away is the most tech-savvy on the list. And that of course makes it one of the best luggage tags out there. The Away x Tile Luggage Tag comes with a Tile Slim – AKA a tiny Bluetooth tracker with an easy-to-use app that helps you track down your luggage in minutes. The app can help you locate your luggage either by make the Tile Slim ring or by tracking your bag's last known whereabouts on the app's map. What's more, the tracking system also works in reverse. Therefore if you lose your phone during your trip, you can use the Tile Slim to make your phone ring. 

Besides these seriously cool features, the Away x Tile Luggage Tag comes with all of the other essentials. It secures to your bag with a thick, leather buckle. You can have the option to have your name and address engraved on the tag (which we always think is the best way to go, if you can afford it.) And, to top it all off, it's extremely affordable. In fact, it's not even the most expensive luggage tag on this list by a long shot. And it comes with all these super cool high tech features. What more can you ask for? 

Price: $30

11. National Park Luggage Tag by halfmoonroad

best luggage tags - National Park

Credit: halfmoonroad

If you are an Etsy shop operator, then you're going to especially love this next luggage tag on our list. Esty seller halfmoonroad took vintage topographic maps of national parks and transformed them into handmade luggage tags. The artist created the metal tags using a dye process that fuses together the ink and the metal. Together, the tags are made to be waterproof and scratch resistant. AKA, they're durable and long lasting, which are two of the features to look out for went hunting down the best luggage tags on the market. 

Another thing we love about these luggage tags is that you can personalize the tag with your name, address, and other contact information. And fashion forward travelers will be happy to know that halfmoonroad provided a few options for the strap. You can either opt for a black leather strap or a clear plastic loop. But if you want this tag, you better act fast. There is a limited supply left!

Price: $12

12. British Red Phone Booth by The Curious Case

best luggage tags -  British Red Phone Booth

Credit: CuriousCaseGifts

That's right, makers and shakers. We've got another Etsy product to offer you. This luggage tag from CuriousCaseGifts is easily one of the cutest options on this list. And for many travelers. that makes it one of the best luggage tags to consider. The strap-on tag features an image of a British phone booth on the front and has your contact information printed on the back. It's going to be hard to miss this bright red tag when you see it coming around the bend at baggage claim. And didn't we say that an easily identifiable tag is one of the top features to look out for? 

Just about every purchaser on Etsy rated this product with five stars. So you know that CuriousCaseGifts have earned themselves some credibility. You also have the option to either have your luggage tag personalized with your contact information, or you can receive it blank. Finally, not only does this luggage tag has a fun design, but it's also super affordable. That's a win-win in our book. 

Price: $9.95

13. Anthropologie Nikki Cade Map Maker Luggage Tag

best luggage tags - Anthropologie

Credit: Anthropologie

Anthropologie and Texas-based artist Nikki Cade joined forces to create the Map Maker Luggage Tag. And its matching passport holder. The mini, one-sized tag has a front flap over the contact card, which already is covered by a clear plastic casing for extra protection. The luggage tag is then further secured with a sturdy, leather buckle strap that attaches to any kind of luggage. This is hands down one of the best luggage tags to purchase if you want something minimal and fashionable but practical. 

A bit about Nikki Cade: she creates her designs based on inspiration she finds as she travels the world. While “painting of spherical surfaces, she allows creativity to flow as her brush transforms abstractions into global works of art.” This is evident from the gorgeous luggage tag she designed, in addition to other work she has created. 

Price: $22

14. Shinola Luggage ID

best luggage tags - Shinola

Credit: Shinola

The Shinola Luggage ID may not be the most fashionable on the list. But it is certainly one of the sturdiest and most reliable. And that of course makes it one of the best luggage tags we can recommend. The tags are made with the same high-grade leather that Shinola uses to design their watch straps. The snap closure protect a clear plastic sheath that holds a contact ID card. You can slide a standard sized business card in there, as well. The leather tag – in tandem with the stainless steel buckle – is sturdy and weight-bearing. Therefore you can rest assured knowing this luggage tag will last for many trips and years to come. 

Another fun option that comes with this luggage tag is the ability to have it personally monogrammed with your initials! Therefore if you don't feel comfortable putting down your name and personal information, you can mark this bag with a monogrammed design. Finally, this luggage tag is available in four colors: black, tan, brown, and dark blue. 

Price: $75

15. Maya Traditions Luggage Tag

best luggage tags - Maya Traditions

Credit: The Little Market

The Luggage Tag from Maya Traditions are easily one of the best luggage tags you can buy. And it's not just because the tags are fashionably designed and well made. Every single one of these luggage tags are hand-woven and naturally designed by female Mayan artists in Guatemala. And with each tag you purchase, the company gives back to the women and their families. Fun fact: the woven textile designs on the tags are inspired from an ancient Guatemalan art form. And each design are indicative of a different village or community. 

The sturdy leather tags come in a variety of patterns. Each luggage tag is one-of-a-kind and checks off all the marks: they are durable, have a spot to hold you contact ID, and will stand out in a crowd. There is nothing bad to say about these products from The Little Market. The company goes above and beyond to make sure you are purchasing one of the best luggage tags possible. 

Price: $18

Now that you know the importance of owning one of the best luggage tags, it's time to purchase your own!

best luggage tags

It's possible you've never thought about the importance of having a good luggage tag before. But now that you know what a game changer they can be to your travel game, you have no excuse not to buy one of the best luggage tags possible! 

Have you already invested in a sturdy luggage tag? Which one works best for you? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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