Middle Eastern travel doesn’t have to be considered taboo.

In modern-day headlines, political turmoil is rampant throughout the Middle East. Unfortunately, because of this, this part of the world is largely portrayed in a negative light through the media. Of course, many people are afraid of traveling here and balk at the thought of voluntarily visiting one of these nations. Despite the tragic realities of so many people here, again there still remain thriving countries worth visiting.

Though a lesser-known country in the Middle East, Oman encompasses enough appeal to keep travelers coming back. An article in Forbes magazine recently named Oman as “the best place to travel in the Middle East right now.” This Arabian nation holds both the allure of the desert and a rich cultural history.

Oman Travel

Dive into all that Oman has to offer its visitors.

Oman’s desert landscape makes for a truly off the grid travel experience. In some parts of the country, the dry terrain, dotted with rolling hills, stretch for miles. The Wahiba Sands is one such place. Moreover, within its desert region reside over 200 species of wildlife.

The maritime city of Salalah offers a glimpse into Oman culture and everyday life. Discover a local souk, or marketplace, and witness the city’s famous spice trade. Salalah’s coastal location provides some of the best diving spots in the Middle East. Dive under the sea for an up-close view of a shipwreck or the vibrant coral reefs.

Oman’s strong Islamic background makes for an enlightening travel experience. Throughout the nation lie beautiful mosques, each with spectacular architectural design. The famous Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Mazoon Mosque, and Al Khor Mosque are all exquisite testimonies to the nation’s structural competency. Tour one of these religious edifices and marvel at the towering ceilings and golden accents throughout.

Take the chance and venture to this part of the world if you have the opportunity. Of course, you might be surprised at some of the secrets Oman holds.

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