Exploring the enchanting world beneath the sea is soon becoming a reality.

Did you ever dream of discovering the lost city of Atlantis? Or perhaps you connect with Disney’s The Little Mermaid and fantasize about life “under the sea”? The allure of the ocean in all its mystery captivates many people. Whether you are a regular oceanographer, or simply like to imagine what life would be like with a mermaid tail, this new hotel may be your dream come true.

An underwater hotel: Because what’s better than just visiting the ocean when you can stay there?

India’s Maldives islands are known for its tranquil environment and vast array of hotel offerings. One particular lodging option stands above the rest. Amidst these blissful islands lies the world’s first underwater hotel.

The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island announced the construction of an undersea villa. There is nothing artificial about this room, as it is situated beneath 16’4” of pure ocean water. The glass encasement makes for the perfect viewing chamber of the Maldives beautiful coral gardens and exotic fish species.

The villa layout offers room for up to nine guests, with both above and below sea level accommodation. The eastern and western decks outside the villa allow for the perfect viewing place for a breathtaking island sunrise. Follow the spiral staircase down below deck for the undersea dome portion of the villa. The innovative 180-degree glass dome, of course, offers an up-close glimpse into the Indian Ocean.

Launching in November 2018, The Conrad’s newest villa is surely a sight to “sea.” However, booking this particular villa is no small endeavor. The Conrad Maldives Rangali’s pricing is starting at an estimated $50,000 per night for the undersea experience. On the other hand, the cost of getting to sleep among the fishes? Priceless.

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