The Orolay Women’s Down Jacket is warm, stylish and well-priced.

It’s easy to feel like a marshmallow in a women’s winter puffer coat. Winter jackets for women often feel bulky and far from stylish. The alternatives are the thin, form-fitting winter coats that are, well, useless in the cold. Now, with Orolay's women's down jacket, you won’t have to choose between stylish and warm. You get both! This women's down jacket is puffy, but with a perfectly arranged series of square pockets, zipper and snap accents. Therefore, you’re free to embrace your curves, without having to hide them under a boxy, marshmallow shape.

This women's down jacket, insulated with real down, still offers much of the warmth of more expensive, bigger name-brand jackets. However, this women's down jacket is a great option for travelers, too. Perhaps you’re headed to a winter wonderland for vacation and don’t want to spend a fortune on a jacket you’ll only use a few times per year. The Orolay women's down jacket allows you to take a stylish, warm coat on your winter vacation.

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Orolay Women's Down Jacket Features and Benefits

The Material is Real Down

women's down jacket - Orolay

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It’s hard to find a better material to compete with Mother Nature. Goose and duck down is the perfect combination of lightweight and warm. The duck down that Orolay uses is pure and high in density. This ensures that you’ll be super warm in this women’s down jacket. The outside of this down coat is 100% polyester, while the filling inside is down. This outer material doesn’t allow wind to send you chills, and it’s also water-resistant. This women’s long down coat is incredibly warm yet lightweight thanks to the down. You can have the best of both worlds!

The Faux Fur Trimmed Hood

Faux Fur Trimmed Hood

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The faux fur on this women's down jacket serves two purposes; it keeps you extra warm and adds a nice, stylish accent to this long down coat. You’ll find this fur hood to be nice and thick, so your head is all bundled in when the hood is up. Additionally, the fur runs across your shoulders to frame your face when the hood is down. While this will likely be one of your favorite features about the coat, you can remove the faux fur trim if you so desire.

The Slimming Figure Shape

women's down jacket - Slimming Figure Shape

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Since this is a quality women's down jacket, there is going to be plenty of insulation to keep you warm. However, this women’s down parka does a decent job balancing style with purpose. The coat pulls in a bit tighter in the middle, then fans out when it reaches your hips and thigh. Additionally, the pulled-across snap pocket at hand level helps to create the illusion some curves as well. The quilted design on the front chest stops at the waist. This also helps give the jacket some illusion of shape.

The Stylish Accents

women's down jacket - Stylish Accents

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A thick zipper runs up the middle and contributes to the style of this women’s down jacket. Rather than try to hide the zipper, Orolay embraces it boldly as a stylish option down the front. However, the zipper happens to be especially useful thanks to the two-way, dual zippers. The faux fur hood also contributes to the nice look of the coat. The coat has pocket accents that are button-like tops. At the bottom of the coat, you’ll find a stylish series of three, lined-up matching button accents as well. Additionally, you can choose between a variety of neutral colors for this women's down jacket that will match your outfits!

It's Warm

women's down jacket - warm

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Thanks to the down, you can trust that you’ll be warm. Additionally, though, Orolay ensured your warmth with the faux, fur-trimmed hood. The water resistant quality means that this women’s down jacket will dry quickly, too, ensuring that you’re not left chilly in a rainstorm. Around the neck, Orolay constructed the zipper and front piece to reach up high around your neck. The hood attaches a bit lower, and this double protection guards against the cold winds reaching you in this vulnerable spot around the neck.

What Other Travelers Are Saying About The Orolay Women's Down Jacket

Travelers are pleasantly surprised with the Orolay's women's down jacket. They report it also being warm and soft to the touch. The budget-friendly price means that it’s a good option if you live in a warmer climate, but will be traveling to a colder climate. Additionally, the lightweight quality means that it would make a good women’s packable down jacket. Customers report that the sizes run small on this women’s down jacket, so we'd advise purchasing a size up. Overall, other travelers also appreciate the warmth, style and price of this women's down jacket.

Alternative Women's Winter Coats

Eddie Bauer Women’s Sun Valley Down Parka

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This is another great option for a long, warm winter coat. While this isn’t a down jacket, you’ll find a similar level of warmth, without the high price of the highly-desired down material. This jacket is 53% nylon, 32% polyester, and 15% cotton. On the outside, you’ll find the durable, water-repellent finish that makes this coat a great candidate for those wintry climates. Three pockets on the front mean that you can keep your hands warm by your side, and your cell phone and chapstick against your chest. The diagonal pattern on the very front, contrasted with the varied stitching on the side, helps to give this jacket some style and form.

Around the neck, you’ll find some nice insulation to keep you extra warm. The faux fur-trimmed hood is removable. However, this faux fur-trimmed hood is smaller and perhaps more to your liking than other thicker trims. Additionally, this women’s winter jacket comes to about your thigh. The extra length means you’ll stay a bit warmer without feeling like you’re wearing a walking sleeping bag! Since Eddie Bauer constructs  outdoor gear well, they’re certain you’ll stay warm.

The North Face Women’s Metropolis Parka

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This North Face Women’s Winter Coat extends to your knees to keep you extra warm. This extra length might just be the reason you choose this one over other winter jackets that end at the top of the thigh. Additionally, the North Face brand is trusted for its quality gear that will truly keep you warm. This women’s winter parka is 100% polyester. For insulation on the inside, there’s 550-fill down. Around the neck, you’ll find extra insulation that’s comfortable to have so close to your face. Another significant feature is this: you can throw this in the washing machine when it gets dirty. Skipping the hassle of dry-cleaning just might be the selling point for many with this winter jacket.

This women’s down jacket pulls in around the waist, to prevent the marshmallow, boxy appearance and provide some shape. There are plenty of color options as well. This winter jacket might be a bit of an investment, but the trade-off is that it’ll likely be with you for much of your life.

Eddie Bauer Women’s Lodge Down Duffle Coat

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Here’s another great option for a women's down jacket. The outer material is 100% polyester, and the inside is 650-fill premium down insulation. This extra dense, premium quality down ensures that you’ll stay warm. The polyester outside contains a durable, water-repellent finish. Inside you’ll find a comfortable fleece-lined torso section. That way, your arms will slide into the sleeves (without getting caught up on the fleece) but your mid section will be comfortable and warm against the soft material. This long winter down coat is meant to be worn over various layers. Therefore, it won’t be too tight around the waist. In fact, there’s a drawstring to help adjust the fit around your midsection.

We love that this coat is made from super quality material, but it’s still machine washable! A faux fur trim lines the hood, and the bottom of this winter parka extends to the knees (it’s about 45 inches long). Extra material around the neck ensures no nasty windchill when it’s all zipped up.

The Orolay Women’s Down Jacket is a Great Find For Travelers Out There

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We realize that a good, women's down jacket can be quite an investment. It’s also something you don’t want to be stingy with. However, the Orolay Women’s Down Jacket offers a welcome exception. This women’s down jacket is budget-friendly, especially compared with many of its alternatives. This women’s down jacket still uses real down, and that’s precisely the key ingredient for keeping you warm. With the cute faux fur trimmed hood and quilted design, this women’s down jacket easily scores high among its more expensive competitors.

If you’re traveling to a wintry climate, or just looking to buy this year’s winter coat for yourself, consider the Orolay Women’s Down Jacket. If you’ve ever experienced a winter jacket that will actually keep you warm, you know there’s seemingly nothing better! In this women’s down jacket, you’ll be feeling warm, trendy and thankful for that extra money saved in your wallet.

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