It’s a big week for New Zealand.

A few days ago, the country ranked as the third most beautiful country in the world by British travel book company, Rough Guide. If that’s not cool enough for one week, tonight through tomorrow, the country is anticipating a super aurora. This particular display of the southern lights is worth mentioning. They are expected to be larger and more vibrant than a typical sighting.

Few have had the privilege of witnessing the splendor of an aurora borealis with their own eyes. If you have, you’d agree that this incredible natural wonder is truly an unforgettable experience. If you are planning to be in New Zealand over the next couple days, we encourage you to make time to see the lights.

Here are some pro tips to keep in mind so that you have the best aurora viewing experience possible.

For this particular aurora display, it is important to make sure that you are in a prime location on the island. Ben Noll, Niwa weather specialist, notes that the ideal place to view the aurora is on the east coast of the North Island. Check the weather before you head there to be certain that cloud cover won’t obscure your experience. It is advised to avoid city lights if at all possible so that the natural ambiance is preserved. Dress warmly and be sure to bring your camera. The aurora borealis will be an event that you will not soon forget.

If New Zealand is a bit far for you, don’t worry, the aurora borealis can be observed around the world. Winter is the best time to view them worldwide, as the skies are at their darkest. The farther north you travel, or south, in New Zealand’s case, the greater your odds of seeing the lights. Some other ideal locations to view them are Canada, Alaska, and Greenland.

As New Zealand anticipates their light show tonight, we encourage you to chase an aurora near you.

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