Ever want to celebrate the New Year twice?

Ringing in the New Year calls for a universal celebration. People often enjoy the chance to leave the previous 12 months behind, with the promise of the fresh start of a new year. Many make resolutions to improve themselves better, hoping that this actually is the year they cut back on all that sugar. Many more celebrate the annual sendoff with festivities and merriment. New Year’s Eve is exciting, but have you ever wanted to celebrate it – twice? Thanks to a New Zealand flight, travelers got to do just that.

New Zealand - fireworks

Time travel really does exist.

It’s a known fact that New Zealand is roughly 12 hours ahead of the North American time zone. This difference is prominent during New Year festivities, as New Zealand’s part of the world is the first to bid farewell to the previous year. This time zone difference has an extra effect on flights during the yearly transition. Flights around the world on New Year’s Eve had a “Back to the Future-esque” feel to them.

One Hawaiian Airlines flight was scheduled to leave Auckland on December 31, 2018, at 11:55 pm. Due to a minor delay, conversely the flight did not take off until 12:05 am on January 1, 2018. You could say that the passengers waited to take off for what felt like a year. In this case, that’s accurate. The travelers had the opportunity to ring in 2018 before embarking to their Hawaiian destination.

The flight headed to Honolulu, Hawaii, consequently 23 hours behind New Zealand time, and arrived at 10:16 am on December 31, 2018. Imagine that – taking off in 2018 and landing back in 2018. Not too many people want to go back to 2018. It seems that these passengers experienced real-life time travel. Now that’s some kind of jet lag.

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