Airports are struggling to recover after the massive snowstorm this week.

For much of the United States, the first day of spring brought with it some inclement weather. This year has already faced its fair share of the winter blues, and it seems that the season is not quite done yet. This past week, a huge nor’easter blew across the northeast United States, resulting in the worst travel day so far this year. If you had travel plans affected this week, you are not alone. Thousands of people faced flight cancellations and delays following the heavy snowfall throughout the region.

Here is where the northeast airports are at now.

After the worst travel day of the year, Thursday was a day of recovery for a number of airports. This fourth major storm in the past month greatly impacted travel nationwide. The Nor’easter caused over 4,000 cancelled and another 3,880 delayed flights total due to the poor weather conditions. The quickly accumulating inches of snow made air and ground travel unsafe across much of northeast.


Reportedly, U.S. carriers are now shifting into a recovery mode all up the east coast. The airports affected, from Virginia through Maine, are quickly working to accommodate the canceled flights. Since Thursday, air travel should be on its way to normalcy by the weekend. Of course, with the thousands of delays, it is smart to check with your airline before heading to the airport to ensure that your flight is running as scheduled.

If your flight got cancelled this week, and your travel plans affected, keep in mind that next week’s weather should be significantly warmer. Check with your specific airline for the next steps to rescheduling that vacation you deserve.

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