It’s about time for some good old-fashioned island therapy.

A quality vacation will leave you relaxed and with a little more peace of mind. Of course, what better place to go for this than to a tropical island? When planning your next getaway, consider visiting the island of Barbados. The Berlin trade show, ITB, recently conducted a travel survey, titled the Destination Satisfaction Index. The survey analyzed a total of 144 top travel destinations throughout the world.

Out of the 144 selections, travelers ranked them based on a variety of factors. Some of these included beaches, “service and hospitality,” accommodations, weather, sightseeing and culture, and culinary offerings. The survey included a total of twenty categories to rank each qualifying country. Over 70,000 global travelers offered their personal opinion and insight on the matter.


This tropical paradise took the overall top spot.

As the votes came in, the island of Barbados rose to the top of the travel list. Scoring an 8.8 out of 10 in the 20 categories, Barbados earned the best overall score. This eastern Caribbean island has much to offer visitors in regards to accommodation, sightseeing, culture, and more. Travelers reportedly selected Barbados due to its landscape, their personal safety, and the friendliness of the locals.

It’s not surprising that Barbados ranks as the number one place to vacation. The island offers a variety of entertainment for its visitors. From tropical gardens to coral floor caverns, the beauty of Barbados is simply breathtaking. Of course, here you can go from relaxing beneath towering palm trees on the white sand beaches to exploring underground caves all within hours. The relaxed local culture and delicious island cuisine also add to Barbados wow factor.

Consider Barbados for your next trip and experience for yourself what over 70,000 travelers recommend.

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