Are you looking for an island getaway in 2018?

As 2018 is finally here, we are sure you are open to new travel inspiration. May this year be one of great adventures and exotic destinations. If the winter has you dreaming of warmer places, take a look at what the Cape Verde Islands have in store. These African islands may be just what you need.

We found the perfect tropical getaway and cultural hub.

According to CNN travel, the Cape Verde Islands are one of the best places to visit in 2018. This exotic archipelago offers incredible weather and scenery, not to mention the unique cultural blend. The Brazilian, African, and Creole-Portuguese influences give Cape Verde a unique flavor. Their traditional music and dance shape the energy of the islands.

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Located off of Africa’s Northwest coast, these islands are the perfect private escape. Dive into the crystal clear seas on the island of Sal and relax on its pristine white sand beaches. Here you will find the bustling town of Santa Maria, where you can shop at local markets.

Boa Vista is the perfect relaxation destination. Stay at a tropical resort as you explore the treasures throughout the island. Sea turtles roam throughout Cape Verde and often nest on the shores. Here you can also sit on the beach and try to spot a migrating humpback whale.

Cape Verde is much more than just immaculate beaches and tranquil seas. Volcanic peaks such as Pico do Fogo and Sao Vincente offer dramatic scenery for visitors. Take a chance and hike to the top for an incredible view of the islands.

Visit Cape Verde for the incredible beachfront and stay for the enchanting cultural experience. You will definitely not regret making the Cape Verde islands your next destination.

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