As a City Known for Its Authentic Flavor, We Are Uncovering the Very Best Restaurants in New Orleans. We Hope You Are Hungry.

New Orleans, Louisiana is packed with culture, creativity, and flavor. From beignets and fresh seafood to Cajun and Creole cuisine, New Orleans serves up some of the finest dishes. The variety of ethnically influenced meals allows for travelers to enjoy dishes from around the globe within one city. Today we are revealing for you the best restaurants in New Orleans. From the top French cafés to the top Italian, American, Middle Eastern, Cajun and Creole spots, get ready for a list of extraordinary restaurants. Prepare your taste buds now because they are in for a real treat.

Café Du Monde

If you have never gobbled up one of New Orleans famous beignet, then Café Du Monde will be the spot for you to try one. These crisp golden squares come dusted (or should we say covered) with powdered sugar to send all of your taste buds into a celebration. The beignet is best described as a mix between a doughnut and a French pastry. Come to Café Du Monde for breakfast and order one of these fried treats with a tall cup of coffee.

The best part about Café Du Monde is that the café at French Market is open 24 hours a day. Midnight snack anyone? Just remember, only cash is accepted here. Therefore, remember to swing by the ATM on your way over to ensure that you can walk away with a warm beignet and piping hot cup of coffee in hand. As far as the best restaurant in New Orleans that serve authentic beignets, Café Du Monde takes the prize.

Le Croissant d'Or

French pastries, quiches, sandwiches, soups, cakes, and more are made daily and served fresh at this bakery. From savory to sweet, Le Croissant d'Or prepares satisfying breakfast, lunch, and afternoon treats for everyone's taste buds. There is also free WiFi for locals or out-of-towners who want to nestle into the café and get work down while enjoying their treats. Make your office at Le Croissant d'Or, bring a book to read, or grab coffee with a friend within this charming French bakery in New Orleans.


best restaurants in New Orleans - Seaworthy

Credit: Seaworthy

This classic Creole cottage serves some of the best seafood in town. The oyster bar has stellar food and there is lovely décor to match. Food is made fresh and is presented nicely, in addition to tasting top-notch. Those in a group who prefer dining privately can do so in Seaworthy's private dining room. This intimate space located on the third floor of the cottage seats up to 20 people. Guests can have their own secluded oasis to enjoy one another's company while enjoying their tasty meals. We appreciate the overall vibes at Seaworthy and believe you will too.

Café Envie

Bagels, biscuit sandwiches, smooth coffee, and the well-known “breakfast in a cup,” are all found at Café Envie. Let's chat about their famous breakfast in a cup because it is a popular pick at the café. Whether you are on the go, or not on the go, this meal could be the perfect breakfast for you. Within a tall coffee to-go cup, you will discover layers with grits, shredded hash browns, scrambled eggs, gravy, sausage, and slices of bacon hanging over the rim. Some call it a heart attack waiting to happen, others call it delicious and a must-try when in New Orleans. We will let you decide. We appreciate the creative and scrumptious meals served as Café Envie, and for that reason, it had to make our list of the best restaurants in New Orleans.

Restaurant August

Restaurant August

Credit: August

August is a French-Creole restaurant that is among the best restaurants in New Orleans. The ambiance is elegant with crystal chandeliers, a two-story wine room, and an extravagant dining room. Even though we rave about the atmosphere, the architecture and décor at August are not the only reasons to love this restaurant. The meals prepared at August all deserve 5 stars. Each dish will exceed your expectations – from the gnocchi to the flounder. Though pricey, the quality of this gourmet food will be worth every penny. When traveling to New Orleans, we highly recommend spending an evening dining at August.

Restaurant R'evolution

Those in search of the best Cajun & Creole cuisine in New Orleans must dine at Restaurant R'evolution. Guests can order New Orleans classics such as gumbo, shrimp, jambalaya, oysters, grits, and beignets here. But it doesn't stop there. The chefs at Restaurant R'evolution also put creative twists on Cajun cooking. With soups, gumbos, salads, pasta dishes, fish, steaks, and more, there is something for everyone at Restaurant R'evolution. Open for brunch, lunch, and dinner, both locals and out-of-towners will enjoy their dining experience at this top restaurant in New Orleans.

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen

Credit: Louisiana Pizza Kitchen

As far as best restaurants in New Orleans for pizza, Louisiana Pizza Kitchen is the place to be. Start off your meal with an appetizer of tomato & basil soup, pesto gnocchi, stuffed bell peppers, or spinach salad. Diners will find mouthwatering, cheese-melting pizza for their main course. Choose from original classics such as cheese, pepperoni, meat lovers and vegetarian. Other pizzas available include roasted chicken, roasted garlic, quattro formaggi, shrimp pizza, and Greek pizza. Not in the mood for pizza? No worries, there is more to the menu. Order one of the many pasta dishes served at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen or choose from a selection of croissant sandwiches, subs, and calzones.

Commander's Palace

Commander's Palace is an absolute classic and had to make our list of the best restaurants in New Orleans. This fine-dining experience serves up a blend of modern New Orleans cooking and Creole cuisine. The flavor found at Commander's Palace is distinct and delicious. The story behind the restaurant plays another role in its popularity. The landmark is painted an iconic blue and we know guests will enjoy learning about the history of the place as they dine. When at Commander's Palace, you don't want to miss the bread pudding soufflé. The bread pudding is phenomenal and you won't be sorry for eating the entire thing. While we delight in all of the food served at Commander's Palace (and know you will too), this restaurant is not just about the food. It's about the place, the atmosphere, the people, and the history. Overall, travelers will enjoy the fine-dining experience at Commander's Palace.

Central Grocery & Deli

Central Grocery & Deli

Credit: Heather Parker

Why come to Central Grocery & Deli? Because this small Italian market serves the original muffuletta. If you have not experienced this sandwich before, don't pass up on your opportunity to sink your teeth into this scrumptious sandwich when in New Orleans. Central Grocery & Deli's signature muffulettas are made with freshly baked homemade bread, sliced meats, cheese, and the family's authentic Italian Olive Salad. Though, we must warn you. These sandwiches are massive (as in larger than your head) and very hearty, so you must come hungry. We know you will be giving Central Grocery & Deli an A+ after you try one of their delicious muffulettas.


Burger lovers, come close. You won't find better burgers in all of New Orleans than the ones you will find at Junction. Serving classic hamburgers as well as unique, specialty burgers, Junction rises to one of the absolute best restaurants in New Orleans. Junction serves burgers on super soft burger buns and with a side of crispy hand-cut fries. Yum in the tum. Vegetarians can also opt to substitute a black bean burger free of charge. In addition to burgers, Junction's menu offers other dishes including wings and fish & chips. There are 40 beers on tap for guests to pair with their meal too.

Cleo's Mediterranean Cuisine & Convenience

Cleo's Mediterranean

Credit: Tarek M.

Open 24 hours a day means access to authentic hummus, falafel, shawarma, and fresh, warm pita 24 hours a day. Are you squealing with delight like we are? Vegetarians, vegans, and meat eaters will all find something to satisfy them at Cloe's Mediterranean. Though it is a convenience store, don't let that discourage you from stopping by and ordering off their menu. The staff is incredibly friendly, and the dishes served are incredibly delicious. If you are a fan of Middle Eastern food and happen to be traveling to or through New Orleans, do yourself a favor and stop by Cleo's Mediterranean. Best of all, you can come any time of day. Roadtrippers passing through the city can grab a quick bite to eat before continuing on to their final destination.

Mother's Restaurant

Among the best restaurants in New Orleans is Mother's Restaurant. A trip to New Orleans really isn't complete without a stop inside this southern-style cooking joint. The menu is extensive and offers everything from seafood gumbo to Po'Boys. What's more is breakfast is served all day. Travelers can come to Mother's Restaurant to eat breakfast for dinner if they so desire. The ambiance of the restaurant is casual and fun, providing guests a relaxing place to dine. Since it is a popular dining destination for individuals traveling to New Orleans, the wait may be long to get a table. However, once you sit down and try the food you are sure to agree that Mother's Restaurant is worth the wait. Mother's Restaurant is a classic to visit when in town and looking to dine in the best restaurant in New Orleans.


best restaurants in New Orleans - Borgne

Credit: Borgne

Borgne is the perfect space for travelers and locals alike to grab drinks and enjoy authentic New Orleans cuisine. For fresh, local seafood, come to Borgne. Open for lunch, happy hour, and dinner, guests are bound to fall in love with the atmosphere and flavor of Borgne. There is a raw bar with specialty items, seafood towers to order for those dining in large groups, and a host of salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes, and more seafood. You will have to save room for dessert when dining at Borgne. Their dessert menu offers magnificent items including peanut butter semifreddo, key lime pie, banana cake, root beer floats, chocolate hazelnut pudding, and ice cream sundaes. All and all, Borgne is a fantastic pick because of the seafood, atmosphere, and desserts served at the restaurant. If you want to eat in the best restaurants in New Orleans, you must dine at Borgne when in the city.

Whether you call New Orleans home or have traveled to the city before, share in the comments below some of your favorite go-to restaurants in the city!

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