Burrito Fans Near and Far, NYC is Rolling Out Some of the Biggest and Best Burritos That You Must Try

We love Chipotle and Qdoba as much as the next person, but we equally love branching away from the mainstream to try new things. Sometimes our passion for exploration lands us in far away countries, and other times it lands us in a new Mexican restaurant. If you share this passion for trying new things and journeying off the beaten path, then you are in the right place. If you love burritos, then you are even more so in the right place. Here is the breakdown of the 10 best NYC restaurants for burrito lovers. If you are searching for a homemade, perfectly crafted burrito packed with the most flavorful and fresh ingredients, then this list is for you.

1. B'klyn Burro

B'klyn Burro

Credit: bkmag

The owner of B'klyn Burro began mastering the art of burrito-making in San Francisco. As their website claims, “food this good needs to be on both coasts.” And so, B'klyn Burro set up shop in NYC to deliver seasoned, west coast burritos to the east coast. The fresh and fragrant aroma will pull you into the restaurant and the tasty meals will keep you there.

For fellow San Fran residents, you won't find another Mission-style burrito joint in NYC that compares to that of B'klyn Burro. (For non-San Fran locals wondering what Mission-style means: San Fran burritos are also known as Mission-style burritos. They are known for their extra-large size and named after their place of origin, the Mission District of San Francisco, California). Therefore, you can count of B'klyn Burro to serve full of flavor burritos that are huge – absolutely huge – and worth every penny. Crafted with care and all the best ingredients, the burritos are made fresh and come with complimentary chips and salsa. Much appreciate, B'klyn Burroou. You just scored yourself extra burrito points for the free chips & salsa you offer.

2. Burrito Box

The restaurant's name alone reveals that they specialize in the craft of burrito making. Burrito Box is dedicated to serving the most massive burritos stuffed with all of your favorites. Within a 12″ flour tortilla meat-eaters can stuff grilled chicken, BBQ chicken, grilled steak, ground beef, or chicken ranchero in addition to rice, beans, and veggies. Vegetarians can choose to fill their burrito with grilled portabella, grilled tofu, mixed vegetables, and black or pinto beans. Stuff your burrito to the brim and let it roll. When your Mexican craving calls, Burrito Box will answer.

Locals and tourists find Burrito Box to serve the freshest and most authentic Mexican in the New York City area. Plus, here you can also grab free chips and salsa to chow on while you wait in line to place your order. Does it get any better than free chips and salsa? Thank you to Burrito Box and B'klyn Burro for speaking our love language.

3. Dos Toros

burrito - Dos Toros

Credit: Dos Toros

This small chain restaurant has 13 locations in NYC. If you live around the corner from a Dos Toros, you'll be ordering burrito after burrito after burrito because once you try Dos Toros, you want it again and again and again. Dos Toros has fresh ingredients, and we mean fresh. The restaurant is set up assembly line style, just like Chipotle. In fact, Dos Toros is pretty much a Chipotle rival, but here, the line moves quicker. And, it could arguably be a healthier alternative to Chipotle. Get burritos, burrito bowls, quesadillas, and tacos at Dos Toros.

We also love Dos Toros because of their commitment to sustainability. From composting and making their furniture out of reclaimed wood to serving GMO-free flour tortillas, corn tortillas, and rice, we cheer on Dos Toros for taking steps in a sustainable direction. Also, they only source natural, humanely raised and hormone free meat.

4. Taqueria Diana

The restaurant is tiny, but its flavor is not. The most famous burrito served here is the al pastor burrito. This burrito recipe consists of roasted pork, rice, beans, and fresh salsa wrapped in a flour tortilla. Sounds simple, right? The flavor in this recipe will cause you to rejoice. If you're not a pork person, you can choose to fill a burrito with chicken, steak, vegetables, or rice and beans instead.

The burrito game at Taqueria Diana is legit, but the restaurant offers even more than delicious burritos. The nachos served here are also among NYC's best. We recommend sharing with friends because of how large the nacho order is and, as always, add the guac. Taqueria Diana's tacos and quesadillas on the menu are necessary to try as well. In terms of the best all-around Mexican restaurants in NYC, Taqueria Diana is up there. Here, you can enjoy one of the best burritos in NYC while munching on a platter full of gooey nachos with friends.

5. Taqueria Tlaxcalli

Bargain burritos are the best burritos. For $6 you can create your own burrito packed with anything and everything you want. Roll up a flour tortilla with your choice of steak, chicken, Mexican sausage, spicy pork, or braised pork. Add rice, beans, cheese, and/or sour cream to the mix as well. Finally, drizzle avocado sauce and chipotle sauce onto the exterior of the burrito for a punch of flavor and a beautiful, mouthwatering presentation. The burritos truly are giant, photogenic masterpieces. Taqueria Tlaxcalli is a local hole-in-the-wall that you need to try next time you are visiting New York City. You are sure to leave with a smile on your face and a happy, satisfied stomach.

6. Taqueria Tepango

Taqueria Tepango is a gem located in the heart of Brooklyn. The burritos are rolled hot and thick to hold all of your favorite ingredients. The finished product looks rounder and more ball-shaped than traditional burritos and contains so much food within it that you can easily save half for the next day. Or, eat it all in one go and enjoy every moment of it. Also, while you are at Taqueria Tepango you must order their chips and salsa. Their green salsa has locals and visitors both shouting from the rooftops. Come, taste, and realize that the hype is real. You will soon be shouting from the rooftops too.

7. Downtown Bakery

Downtown Bakery

Credit: Bionicgrrrl

When you think “bakery,” images of French cafes serving croissants, sugary pastries, and cappuccinos probably pop into your head. Downtown Bakery Cocina Mexicana is not that type of bakery. The name can confuse people, but once inside and once you take your first bite of a breakfast burrito, you'll be itching to come back the next day. Some of the most popular burritos served at Downtown Bakery include the potato breakfast burrito (pictured above), the chorizo breakfast burrito, and the veggie breakfast burrito. Tamales, tortas, quesadillas, enchiladas, nachos, tacos, and non-breakfast burritos are also served in this Mexican restaurant. Pico and guac lovers will be pleased to know that the pico de gallo and the creamy guacamole are made-to-order and served fresh as can be at Downtown Bakery. Blessings.

8. Calexico

From the food to the customer service, we applaud Calexico. What quality makes Calexico stand out among the rest? Here, there's no such thing as a standard burrito. All of the burritos served are bursting with fiesta flavor. Their bean burritos and Baja fish burritos are coated with the restaurant's famous chipotle “crack” sauce (their words, not ours). However, you can get the crack sauce any other burrito combination as well. You can also choose to “Make Your Burrito ‘Wet'” for an extra $3. What that means is that your burrito will be topped with the finest – red or green enchilada sauce, Monterey Jack cheese, and sour cream.

9. Benny's Burritos

Benny's Burritos

Credit: Yelp

Vegan burrito lovers, we know you can find options at all of these stellar restaurants in NYC, but Benny's Burritos will take extra special care of you. In addition to having meat options for the meat eaters, Benny's serves up a Vegan Seitan Burrito, a Vegan Roasted Butternut Squash Burrito, a Vegan Tofu Burrito, and many, many more. Best of all is their Super Veganator Burrito. Can you believe all of these plant-based options? Lettuce rejoice. Benny's Burritos is also one of the few Mexican restaurants to offer homemade vegan sour cream and vegan cheese.

10. Amaranto Mexican Restaurant

Amaranto Mexican Restaurant offers contemporary Mexican cuisine and has a strong burrito game (as well as a strong overall Mexican cuisine game). As far as burritos, you can choose from chicken, steak, chorizo, pork, or vegetables. They are stuffed with refried beans, rice, corn, spinach, pico de gallo, sour cream, and cheese. Can you say holy guacamole? Speaking of guac, you can add it for $1.50.

We all know that NYC is known for their pizza, and you will have to try the NYC-style pizza during your stay at the Big Apple. However, while you're at it, don't forget to give one (or more) of these burrito joints a try. These hole-in-the-wall restaurants are gems serving up burritos that will wow your taste buds. Journey off the beaten path and away from the mainstream restaurants to explore the local, Mexican flavor that New York City is dishing out.

Have you tried any of these NYC Mexican Restaurants? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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