Visit this hip non-alcoholic bar for the best drink you’ve had.

What’s a bar without alcohol, you might wonder? For this Maine couple, it is quality ingredients coupled with an engaging atmosphere. Vena’s Fizzhouse began as a non-alcoholic bar and has since become so much more.

Here’s how Vena’s Fizzhouse came to be a reality.

The beginnings of Vena’s Fizzhouse originated in 2013, by Portland native couple Steve and Johanna Corman. In a moment, Johanna became inspired to pursue this dream that she never realized she had, to own and operate a classy bar, with primarily seltzer based beverages. Named after Johanna’s great-grandmother, Vena’s Fizzhouse is a hipster venue that is completely unique to Portland.

Vena’s Fizzhouse classic design, with its open-faced brick walls and quaint bar space make visitors feel right at home. The Fizzhouse’s menu highlights their Fizzes, perhaps the most popular drink of choice. Sip a bubbly Dim & Stormy, made with muddle ginger, lime, spiced tonic, and Vena's honey creme syrup. The Lumberjack Love mixes spruce pine syrup, lemon, and spiced tonic. Over the years, Vena’s Fizzhouse has expanded to include alcoholic beverages as well, but their seltzer brews remain the iconic part of this establishment.

Portland - Vena’s Fizzhouse

Credit: Vena's Fizzhouse

Closed Mondays and Tuesdays, Vena’s Fizzhouse operates five days a week and is open late into the evening. The bar also hosts a variety of mixology classes on a regular basis, for those interested in learning the art of liquid alchemy.

When you find yourself in the east coast’s city of Portland, hit up Vena’s Fizzhouse. The recent menu change of course allows alcoholic drinks if you prefer, or you can try out one of their original seltzer based concoctions. Either way, you are going to have a good time here at Vena’s Fizzhouse.

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