Ladies, this one is for you.

We can all agree that life has many stressors. One of which is the opposite sex. Certainly many women can attest to the fact that men can, let’s say, complicate things. In this “man’s world,” sometimes it’s good to take a retreat and clear your head. Now imagine taking a vacation on a girls-only island. Yes, it’s a real thing. While this pleasant oasis may sound too good to be true, a female entrepreneur has taken it upon herself to make it a reality. Introducing SuperShe Island.

The future really is female on this Scandinavian island.

SuperShe is a women’s lifestyle blog and networking community created by Kristina Roth. Her unconventional methods and audacious goals inspire her creative endeavors. Roth’s latest venture, SuperShe Island, is like the ultimate girls’ night out.

This private retreat was created with relaxation and female community in mind. In an interview with CNN Travel, Roth notes, “I really lived in, worked, lived, breathed in a men-dominated world. When I really started to travel more the last couple of years […] I just met a lot of amazing women around the world.” SuperShe is a place for women to gather and celebrate their uniqueness and beauty with like-minded people from around the world.

Roth purchased the island out of her love for the landscape of the Finnish archipelago. The deep blue waters and lush green landscape truly create the perfect tranquil getaway.

Currently, the island has room for up to 10 people. With four high-class cabins, you’ll be living in luxury as you relax to the fullest. Interestingly enough, you cannot simply book your stay. Roth personally selects the women who get to take a retreat to the island.

Are you up for the challenge? If you want to throw your hat in the ring, submit your application to SuperShe’s website. Try now for chance at an epic girl’s getaway.

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