Visiting Berlin, Germany? We've got the perfect spot for you to put on your itinerary, and it involves David Bowie-themed ice cream.

Located in Mitte, Berlin, Cuore di Vetro is an amazing ice cream and gelato shop serving up drool-worthy flavors you'll never untaste. Co-founded by a Bowie fanatic herself, Italian chef Angelika Kaswalder displays both her creativity and culinary expertise with each scoop.

Sure, you can get something as simple as the dark chocolate, and you'll still be blown out of the water. But let's be real. Isn't the whole point of visiting such a unique ice cream shop to taste the most out-there items on the menu? We'd say so.

Try the White Duke, a delicious Sicilian almond ice cream perfected with a savory topping of sweet peach jam. Want to get even more adventurous? Try the Black Star gelato, with smooth chestnut and cream sprinkled with rich dark chocolate ganache and saturated in the smoke of a Cuban cigar. In case you're not feeling up to these bizarre (but delicious) flavors, at least try the favorite, pistachio. Might be less exciting, but it won the vote for best ice-cream in Mitte last year according to The Guardian.

The best part of it all? It only costs €1.60 per scoop ($1.86 in US Dollars). Yep—it's an ice-dream come true. Groundbreaking ice cream satisfies your craving for sweets without breaking your wallet.

While the ice cream and gelato at Cuore di Vetro are the bomb, it's more than just a Bowie-obsessed ice cream shop. They also offer delicious antipasti dishes composed of high-quality and specially-selected Italian ingredients, from fresh seasonal fruits to San Daniele ham. Cuore di Vetro makes for a perfect lunch date, concluded with the best ice cream you'll get in Berlin.

You don't have to be a David Bowie fan to fall in love with this incredible Berlin ice cream shop.

Make sure to put this on your list of things to do next time you travel to Germany!

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