Hop into a Fairytale Storybook When You Enter the Black Forest

A canopy of trees looms overhead. The Black Forest, located in Germany, received its name for a reason. The evergreens are so copious in this part of Germany that the sun can hardly peak through the trees, hence the name of Black Forest. Located in the southwest corner of Baden-Württemberg, this area is a natural, picturesque attraction. Sprinkled within the forest, travelers will discover hiking trails, adventurous activities, adorable old towns, art galleries, spa attractions, and more. Schwarzwald, also known as the Black Forest, is the ideal vacation destination for those wanting to step into a magical, fairytale land. To help ease the planning of your trip, check out this list of the top things to do when on your Black Forest vacation. Stay tuned for the must-visit places hidden within this beautiful mountain range.

1. Baden-Baden

black forest - Baden-Baden

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Within these gentle woods lay a town by the name of Baden-Baden. World-class spas and thermal baths are found here. As one of the best-known spa towns around the globe, travelers are destined to find relaxation within this beautiful town. For over 2,000 years Baden-Baden has been a popular spa destination. Travelers can even visit the well-preserved Roman Bath Ruins to learn for themselves about the history of Baden-Baden. With colorful buildings poking out of the lush green surroundings, the town itself is wonderful to explore. There is much to do within Baden-Baden, from visiting museums to visiting the Kurgarten (Spa Garden).

When travelers come in the summertime, golf, tennis, and hiking are all popular activities to participate in while at Baden-Baden. Come winter, travelers can strap up their ski boots and swoosh down the snow-covered mountain. From quiet, soul rest in the spas to adventurous activities, a trip to Baden-Baden is a must when wandering through the Black Forest in Germany. The natural landscape paired with the quaint architecture blend together beautifully. Bring your cameras and snap away.

2. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

Any café or restaurant you dine in within the Black Forest (or greater Germany, for that matter) is sure to serve Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Gateau). This popular German dessert was first created within the Black Forest region, so it is only fitting for travelers to try an authentic piece of this rich, layered cake while in the Black Forest. So, what exactly does a slice of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte consist of? Moist layers of chocolate

So, what exactly does a slice of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte consist of? Moist layers of chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream, cherries and chocolate shavings create this famous dessert. While there are many places to order a slice of this delectable cake, we recommend going to Café Schaefer where the café whips up Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte using the original recipe. It doesn't get more authentic than that. And since Café Schaefer is in Triberg, travelers can make a whole day of hiking to the Triberg Waterfalls, visiting the Black Forest Museum, and eating all the cake they desire.

3. Schwarzwaldhochstrass

Schwarzwaldhochstrass is the oldest and most well-known road in Germany. Stretching between Baden-Baden and Freudenstadt, Schwarzwaldhochstrass covers almost 40 miles of sweeping panoramic beauty. Those wishing to drive into the heart of the Black Forest must take a journey on this idyllic route. Drive up mountain peaks and down into valleys. Provide an ample amount of time to pull over and take short hikes along the way. There is a handful of quick, but worthwhile hikes that you will pass as you drive this road. They shouldn't be missed. Go slowly as you drive underneath the canopy of trees so that you can take in all that Schwarzwaldhochstrass has to offer.

4. Karlsruhe Palace

Karlsruhe Palace was constructed between 1715 and 1718. Today, it is a great landmark filled with great history for travelers to learn about. Visitors are welcome to stroll through the palace and within the well-groomed botanical gardens. If traveling to the Black Forest at some point between August and late September, a trip to Karlsruhe Palace is a must. In the evenings during those months, there is a stunning light show that you will not want to miss. Lights project onto the palace and every visitor will be in awe of the creative display. Bring a blanket or chair and set up camp to enjoy flashes of light bounce off the palace walls. It is an enchanting experience to witness the light show at Karlsruhe Palace.

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5. Titisee

black forest - Titisee

Credit: Malcolm Bott

Titisee is a wide lake situated in the southern Black Forest. It is truly an oasis. As the largest natural lake in the Black Forest, travelers will delight in all there is to do in and around Titisee. Visitors are invited to take a cruise on the lake, go sailing, go windsurfing, take a swim, and more at Titisee. The warm months of the year, of course, offer plenty of things to do by the lake. However, if traveling to the Black Forest in the winter, don't knock a visit to Titisee off your list just yet. Imagine the lack frozen solid and the nearby trees cloaked in white powder. There is a peaceful stillness at Titisee that can be found all year round.

6. Freiburger Münster

Located in Freiburg im Breisgau, Freiburger Münster is a famous cathedral for travelers to visit. The cathedral was built in 1230 and completed in 1330. The cathedral stands tall with its Gothic architectural style and many travelers find the design and history of Freiburger Münster to be fascinating during their visit to the Black Forest. The cathedral's exterior reveals detailed gargoyles and the interior displays intricate stained glass. As a main attraction in the Black Forest, we recommend for travelers stop by Freiburger Münster during their visit.

While in the city of Freiburg im Breisgau visiting Freiburger Münster, we recommend allowing additional time to wander the streets and discover the plethora of other things to do in the city. There are many historic sites, monuments, nature paths, and tasty restaurants to find within Freiburg im Breisgau.

7. Triberg Waterfalls

black forest - Triberg Waterfalls

Credit: Flickr

The sound of rushing water can be the best therapy for the soul. Come to Triberg Waterfalls and hear the constant noise of water splashing and running down rocks. At Triberg, Germany's highest waterfalls splash down from mountains. The falls are truly an impressive display and a beautiful sight to see for travelers exploring the Black Forest. The hiking trails range in difficulty level. Therefore, those wanting a light walk can opt for that, whereas those who enjoy a strenuous hike can choose a more strenuous trail. All trails are well-maintained and there is a great chance that hikers will find many animals walking the trails with them. Nature fans, your soul will surely sing as you make your way through the Black Forest and upward to Triberg Waterfalls.

8. The Black Forest Museum

Also located in Triberg is the Black Forest Museum. After your time admiring the waterfalls, swing by the Black Forest Museum to meander through the 18 exhibition rooms. Visitors will walk away with a deeper understanding of the traditions of the region. With artwork, furniture, and other personal artifacts, we know the traveling history lovers will especially like this museum. Those who enjoy getting immersed in the culture, tradition, and history of the places that they visit will not want to pass up on the opportunity to learn more about the Black Forest at the Black Forest Museum. And since you will be in Triberg, check out the large supply of cuckoo clocks in town. Maybe even purchase one as a souvenir before the end of your trip!

Come Explore the Black Forest

Explore the Black Forest

Credit: Sigi Sunshine

From hiking, to scoping out the cuckoo clock scene, to enjoying the luxury spas, winter sports, and palaces located within the Black Forest, we know travelers will love every moment of their vacation to the Black Forest. Spend a few days adventuring and a few days relaxing during your trip. The mountain range is wide and filled with old towns to explore and beauty to admire. This area, located in southwest Germany, will feel as though you have entered into a fairytale storybook. Travelers will not regret their decision to travel to this unique and charming German destination.

Have you been to the Black Forest before? Share about your experience and the highlights from your trip in the comments section before!

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