The votes are in, and Dresden comes out as a German favorite.

The German National Tourist Board recently polled their audience on the country’s favorite places to visit. This week they released the top ten destinations of 2018. The nominees ranged from specific attractions to entire cities. The iconic fairy tale-inspiring Neuschwanstein Castle made the cut. This choice is not surprising as Neuschwanstein is now the most visited tourist attraction in Germany. Another winner was the Romantic city of Heidelberg, with its rich literary and art history. Heidelberg's magic has inspired philosophers and creative minds for centuries. One of the top-voted places to visit was the city of Dresden.

A foundational part of Germany’s history, Dresden still carries scars from the hostilities of World War II. Following the war, much of the original architecture needed restoration due to the excessive damage to the city. Here you will find church buildings like the resilient Dresden Frauenkirche. This particular church is one of the few token pieces of the city that survived. Dresden is a sobering but necessary reminder of the harm that can come from war.

Dresden also offers numerous extracurricular hotspots for visitor enjoyment.

Dresden hotpots

Credit: Harshil Shah / Flickr

The Zwinger is a favorite spot in Dresden. This German palace is a grand edifice laced with art and gardens. Walk the magnificent courtyard and enjoy the luxurious fountains and immaculate landscape.

Then stop by the Elbe River, a hub for outdoor activities. Let the tunes serenade you from passing steamboats, and perhaps catch a movie on the riverbank.

No visit to Dresden is complete without stopping at Brühl's Terrace. Known as “the balcony of Europe,” this veranda rises above the Elbe River. This place offers beautiful views of the waterfront and city.

On your next trip to Germany, check the National Tourist Board and be inspired by their top 2018 destinations. Be sure to add Dresden to your must-see list.

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