Sprinkled Throughout the German Countryside Are the Most Lovely German Castles That You Have to See

A trip to Germany is incomplete without a visit to one (or more than one) of their famous castles. These German Castles are both architecturally stunning and historically significant. You won't want to miss visiting these beautiful structures on your next vacation to Germany. It will feel as though you have stepped into a fairytale world when you set your eyes on these captivating castles. Without further ado, let's begin our countdown of the 15 most beautiful castles in Germany that you must visit during your next trip to the country. Walt Disney's castles will be put to shame when you spot these German masterpieces.

15. Reichsburg Cochem

Around the year 1000, construction of the Reichsburg Castle took place. Laced within these castle walls is fascinating history. In the 17th century, the French destroyed the castle and in 1868 it was rebuilt in the Neo-Gothic architectural style that is found today. There are many tours that take place on the castle's grounds where travelers can hear more about the rich history of Reichsburg Cochem. If in Cochem, this castle on a hill is a picturesque destination to visit. It will be an absolute delight for shutterbugs.

14. Burghausen Castle

Burghausen Castle is not only the longest castle in Germany, it is the largest castle property in the entire world. The complex is a massive 1,051 meters long. Located in Upper Bavaria, Burghausen Castle can be viewed from Germany and Austria. This allows for magnificent views from within each country. Should you decide to tour this Gothic castle, you will find that it is comprised of a main castle and 6 courtyards. Inside the complex, travelers will find many Gothic paintings and illustrations that reveal Bavaria's history.

13. Braunfels Castle

German Castles - Braunfels Castle

Credit: Yoel Garcia

Another famous castle in Germany is Braunfels Castle. The property is located north of Frankfurt. Visitors enjoy walking the castle grounds and taking a pit stop in the café for lunch. At Braunfels Castle, there are German and English guided tours for travelers to take part in. The tours allow for visitors to get the lay of the land and discover the vast history within the complex. There are marvelous paintings to behold inside the castle walls in addition to well-preserved rooms. An interesting note is that Braunfels Castle is still in the hands of some of the original family. Being that it is still occupied to this day, tour groups may only journey to specific parts of the castle grounds.

12. Wartburg Castle

German Castles - Wartburg Castle

Credit: Leah Kling

Heading back to the Middle Ages, Wartburg Castle is tucked away quite hidden in a forest. The grounds showcase impressive German architecture and décor, as well as rich history. It was on these castle grounds that Martin Luther translated the New Testament of the Bible into German. Visitors can even see the very room Luther stayed in to do the translation. In 1999, Wartburg Castle also became the first German castle to be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors are welcome to explore Wartburg Castle and take in the Medieval artistic design and décor of the area. Travelers can do this on a guided or self-guided tour.

11. Mespelbrunn Water Castle

German Castles - Mespelbrunn Water Castle

Credit: pe_ha45

The Mespelbrunn Castle sits within the Elsava Valley in the Spessart Forest. This remote and humble structure was originally built as a farm house around the 15th century. Beautifully perched on the water, Mespelbrunn Water Castle shines with simple beauty and character. Visitors find it to be among the loveliest water castles in Germany. If searching for German castles near Frankfurt, then look no further. This castle is nestled between Frankfurt and Wurzburg. It is a charming sight for travelers to see.

10. Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle is a magnificent Renaissance structure. The castle dates back to 1214. It is among the most famous castle ruins in the entire world and a true wonder to see. Over the years there have been multiple renovations to the property. Lightning struck the castle on two separate occasions. The lightning quite literally sparked the need for renovations on the castle grounds. Today, visitors can tour Heidelberg Castle and hear all about the reconstruction process.

9. Wernigerode Castle

Wernigerode Castle is another German castle that was rebuilt multiple times. However, the rebuilding wasn't due to lightning like Heidelberg Castle. The property evolved with each renovation. Eventually, the castle ending up with the neo-Romantic style seen today. Within the compound, visitors can survey the exquisite décor and furnished rooms. These are rooms that were once home to German nobility. The castle grounds provide visitors with opportunities to take in beautiful architecture as well as a deeper understanding of German history. When in northern Germany, Wernigerode Castle is among the best German castles to visit.

8. Schloss Nordkirchen

Schloss Nordkirchen is a German palace commonly known as the “Versailles of Westphalia.” Built mainly between 1703 and 1734, the design of Schloss Nordkirchen is detailed and intricate. Beautiful moat-like canals surround the property. A wonderfully groomed garden surrounds the palace as well. Many couples find that the Schloss is a perfect venue for their wedding. Therefore, don't be surprised to see a bride and groom taking photos or saying “I do” in these gardens.

7. Drachenburg Castle

German Castles - Drachenburg Castle

Credit: Hans Viveen

To visit Drachenburg Castle is to walk right into the pages of a fairytale storybook. Drachenburg Castle is among the most fairytale-like German castles. In the late 19th century the complez was built in Bonn, Germany. It features stunning views from both inside and outside the property. Visitors can survey the glorious German countryside while admiring the character of this quaint, unique castle. It has been a captivating sight to see ever since.

6. Burg Eltz

German Castles - Burg Eltz

Credit: Fabian F

Since the 12th century, this medieval castle has been in the hands of the same family. That means that over 33 generations have called Burg Eltz home. The history alone makes the castle worth venturing to. Through many wars, Burg Eltz has survived with little damage. Because of this, the property has been very well-preserved and maintained. Visitors will enjoy exploring all that this fairytale-like property has to offer. Because it hasn't been damaged, the original décor and furnishings remain inside the castle. With great historical significance and beauty, travelers will love journeying inside Burg Eltz. Burg Eltz is one of the most authentic German castles.

5. Lichtenstein Castle

German Castles - Lichtenstein Castle

Credit: Eckhard

Like many German castles, Lichtenstein Castle has been destroyed and rebuilt a time or two. The novel Lichtenstein inspired the castle's reconstruction. The owner decided to rebuild the entire structure based on the original design outlined in the novel. To this day, the Duke of Urach owns the property. Visitors can tour the grounds and even see the collection of weaponry and armor housed within the castle walls. Overall, Lichtenstein Castle is a delicate fairytale castle. It is among the most charming German castles. We know you will love touring the property in person.

4. Hohenschwangau Castle

German Castles - Hohenschwangau Castle

Credit: Adrian Wong

You can't miss Hohenschwangau Castle with its yellow exterior and burnt orange rooftops. The color scheme contrasts well with the lush green forest. This bright and beautiful complex served as the childhood home of King Ludwig II. Because of the history and design of the castle, Hohenschwangau is one of the greatest German castles for travelers to visit.

3. Schwerin Castle

On its own island sits the magnificent Schwerin Castle. The island is located smack in the middle of Schwerin Lake. This mega-huge castle is a visual masterpiece that travelers must visit when touring Germany. Every year, the palace attracts historians and architects from all around the world. The castle is an absolute marvel. The castle grounds also attract visitors with a knack for beauty and an eye for photography. You won't want to forget your camera when visiting this German castle. Schwerin Castle is breathtaking to behold.

2. Hohenzollern Castle

German Castles - Hohenzollern Castle

Credit: Stephan

Seated high on a German hilltop, Hohenzollern Castle contains an impressive history. In addition to authentic beauty. The Prussian Royal family still calls Hohenzollern home. In fact, the Prince of Prussia and his wife live inside the castle. However, guided tours allow for visitors to explore the property. In the slow season, self-guided tours allow for visitors to meander through the complex. While the castle has altered its style over the years, it remains one of the most exquisite German castles. Therefore, travelers must visit the grounds when exploring Germany.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle

German Castles - Neuschwanstein Castle

Credit: David

Number 1 on our list of the most beautiful German castles is none other than Neuschwanstein Castle. There is no place like it in the world. This architectural wonder even impressed Walt Disney enough to modeled Sleeping Beauty's Castle after Neuschwanstein. In all of Europe, Neuschwanstein remains one of the most popular tourist destination. And for good reason. From the interior's sparkling chandeliers and marvelous furnishings to the exterior's dreamlike fairytale design, Neuschwanstein takes first place among the greatest German castles. The castle is a jewel waiting for your eyes to see. In the winter, the view is particularly lovely. Snow-cloaked mountains and trees surrounding the off-white castle creating a visual delight. If you only have time to visit one castle while in Germany, make it Neuschwanstein Castle.

Which of these German castles have you been to? Or, which do you desire to visit? Share about it in the comments!

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