Wherever Your Travels Take You, Go There with Style and Comfort.

Travelers are constantly on the move – in and out of airports, on and off of trains, checking in and out of hotels, hostels, and Airbnbs. Traveling naturally requires a lot of walking and we all know that painful and sore feet can hinder one's excitement when exploring a new place. In this day and age where many prioritize style over comfort, we are bringing you the best walking shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. Who says you have to pick one over the other?

Globetrotters, we know that you need shoes built to last. We also know you care about the world, hence your great love for travel and exploration. Therefore, you are going to enjoy this list even more. The greatest commonality between these top walking shoes is that they are all ethically made. Since they are made with sustainable resources and the production of the shoes promotes fair working conditions, these walking shoes are long-lasting and make a positive global impact. If you are a globetrotter and conscious consumer, then this list of durable shoes is for you. Style, comfort, and ethical sourcing is a win, win, and win in our book. Stay tuned for the most comfortable walking shoes for women that are travel-friendly and ethically made.

Sseko Designs

best walking shoes - Sseko Designs

Credit: Sseko

For sturdy leather sandals, Sseko will be the ethical fashion brand for you. Their shoes are made for all-day comfort. So, blisters, you aren't welcome here. Simple flip flops, crossover slide sandals, and ribbon sandals, take your pick. We know Sseko Designs will have the perfect sandal to fit all of your style and comfort needs. The company also sells accessories and handbags that will pair well with your new sandal purchase.

Sseko Designs began as a dream to create opportunity and community for women globally. Working with young women in Uganda, Sseko Designs has provided opportunities for women in East Africa to create change in their own community, mainly through providing educational opportunities. The leather sandal you purchase through Sseko will be handmade in East Africa and play a role in helping to send women to college.

The Root Collective

Sandals, boots, loafers, and flats are all up for grabs at the Root Collective. While the boots and loafers are highly fashionable, we find the Root Collective ballet flats to be among the best walking shoes for travel. Offered in a number of colors and patterns, there is an array of styles to choose from. Choose colors from olive green, cranberry, mustard yellow, emerald, plain black and more.

The working conditions at the Root Collective are also fair. Rather than the mass production of shoes, the Root Collective believes that each shoe should be handcrafted with quality and care. Within the fashion industry, this company strives to treat everyone with kindness, including their employees. We love how the walking shoes from the Root Collective are fashionable, comfortable, and make a positive global impact.


best walking shoes - Native

Credit: Native

If you prefer walking shoes that aren't sandals or flats, then check out Native. The sneakers at Native range from having a simplistic design to trendy patterns. Whatever your style happens to be, chances are Native has the walking shoe for you to make traveling the world more comfortable. Native was founded in 2009 and has since taken off to promote its message of helping the world while traveling the world. As their website claims, “we're spreading good shoes and better vibes to all corners of the globe.” We are all about the Native mission.

Also, no animal products are used in the construction of these shoes, which means all Native shoes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Explore the world while helping the world and check out Native for some of the best walking shoes for women. In addition, the company has some of the best walking shoes for men, boys, and girls. They really have it all. The whole family can be walking in comfortable fashion to your next destination.

Deux Mains

best walking shoes - Deux Mains

Credit: Deux Mains

Ethically made simplistic sandals are sold by Deux Mains. We love the overall design of Deux Mains shoes and think you will too. Particularly if you tend to lean towards minimalist fashion, then you will delight in the design of these shoes. The sandals for sale at Deux Mains are all long-lasting, so you don't have to worry about broken shoes while wandering about city streets and exploring this great big world. The company also tells jewelry, clutches, totes, and accessories on their website that will pair well with your new sandal purchase.

Deux Mains works in Haiti and employs dozens of Haitian artisans to create this ethical fashion collection. As their website states, the artisans “not only make something valuable for others but a meaningful life for themselves.” Your purchase makes an impact and we think putting your money towards the sustainable rhythms of Deux Mains will be worthwhile. Purchasing a pair of comfortable sandals from Deux Mains allows for globetrotters to help make a positive global impact within local communities.


best walking shoes - Indosole

Credit: Indosole

If flip flops are your go-to walking shoes, then Indosole is the company you will want to check out. Their flip flops come in black, gray, blue, light green, and other neutral colors. Indosole sells affordable shoes that are perfect for travel. Travelers can easily pack these flip flops in their carry-on suitcase for convenience. They are also super durable to withstand any adventure you have in mind. No terrain is too much for Indosole walking shoes.

In addition to their popular and affordable flip flops, Indosole has other footwear options for sale as well. From their sneakers to their flip flops, we love Indosole. All of their walking shoes are high quality. Also, the soles of most of their shoes are made of 100% upcycled rubber tire. Making a positive environmental impact, you can purchase a pair of inexpensive walking shoes from Indosole.

The People's Movement

best walking shoes - People's Movement

Credit: The People's Movement

The People's Movement cares about keeping things hip and keeping things ethical. The comfortable sneakers for sale at the People's Movement are among the best shoes out there. Their eco-hip footwear stands out for its environmental impact as well as their high-quality design. The sneakers for sale come in a variety of styles and we know you will be able to find the ideal fit for you.

If outdoor adventures are calling your name and you need shoes that are up for the challenge, look into the sneakers for sale at the People's Movement. The company provides durable sneakers that are reasonably priced. If you are interested in purchasing a pair of sneakers from this company, you can do so in a number of ways. Shoes from the People's Movement can be ordered online, or travelers can travel over to a store that sells their shoes. Their website provides all this information, in addition to more information on the long-lasting quality and high comfort of their walking shoes.

Say Goodbye to Blisters and Say Hello to Comfort with This List of the Best Walking Shoes

best walking shoes - comfot

Credit: Sseko

What's better than exploring the world in shoes that have made a global difference? As travelers, our hearts beat to experiences new cultures, new places, and meet new people. Newness and spontaneity are our best friends. We naturally have a deep care for the world. How about extending that care into improving the lives of individuals within this world? All of these best walking shoes are not only beautiful in design and comfort, but also beautiful in the story they tell.

Look out for the world and explore these travel-friendly, ethically sourced walking shoes the next time you are in need of durable shoes. Long-lasting, cute, comfy, and making a positive global impact? Looks like all we could want is checked off.

Of these best walking shoes for women, which style is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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