Revolutionize your camping experience with this Australian abode.

Glamping has taken the travel world by storm. This method offers a new way to experience the great outdoors. People are fascinated with the idea of combining modern convenience with the rawness of nature. More and more glamping sites are popping up around the world. Accommodation styles range from pods, domes, to souped-up tents. One particular traveler favorite is the bubble tent. Australia has just announced the opening of their first bubble camping hotel.

Bubble Tent camping

Credit: Bubbletent

Australia’s first bubble tent is something you need to experience.

Bubble tents are a unique way to sleep under the stars. You can truly experience what it is like inside a lifesize bubble as you relax outside. Staying in this translucent habitat is sure to create a whimsical environment for all kinds of adventurers. As these bubble tents are only one on the continent, of course this is certainly a matchless glamping opportunity.

Bubbletent is located on over one thousand acres of working farm. This large expanse of the great outdoors also cultivates numerous extracurricular activities. There are many hiking tours available to guide you across the terrain. Watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset over the Capertee Valley from the comfort of your tent. At night, on the whole, the clear accommodation set up provides ample opportunity to stargaze.

Prices begin at $250 per night, with the price increased to $310 on weekends. Not a bad rate for such a unique experience. It seems that recent spikes in media attention have limited Bubbletent’s availability. Fortunately, you can likely plan to stay from February 2018 on, as well as limited days in 2018.

Look into Australia’s Bubbletent if you want to experience the first of its kind. Book your stay soon and join the thousands of glampers around the world.

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