If you're looking to spend the big bucks on a luxury hotel, we've got your next vacation destination ready.

Think, “sleeping with the fishes”. No, really—you can actually live this out at the illustrious Dubai underwater hotel, Atlantis, the Palm (well, almost).

Atlantis Dubai sits pretty on the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, featuring 1,500 stunning rooms. Even their most basic room is impressive, but two suites take luxury to a whole other level.

The Neptune and Poseidon are the most extravagant suites in this Atlantis Dubai underwater hotel, featuring insanely indulgent amenities. Starting at $5,400 a night, these stunning three-story rooms flaunt a dining room, living room, and bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. But the most alluring part for people around the world? The stunning views of the floor-to-ceiling aquarium in each suite.

The aquarium is a portion of the Ambassador Lagoon, swarming with 65,000 sea creatures, including multitudes of fish, stingrays, and sharks. This stunning panorama is available in both the master bedroom and the bathroom. Amazing? Yeah, we know.

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As if these signature suites in this Atlantis Dubai underwater hotel couldn’t be more enticing already, there’s more to fawn over. When staying in either the Neptune or Poseidon, you'll have access to a minibar, a balcony, and a separate bath. Whip up late-night cocktails, steep in a warm bath, and gaze at the stunning view of Dubai on your balcony. Sound downright dreamy to us. These suites also come with a 24-hour private butler service, and if you're bold enough, you can request almost anything. Order a deluxe meal to be prepared and set up at your 6-person dining table and enjoy it with friends. Oh—and don't forget the soap dusted in 24-karat gold, just for fun.

The Atlantis is a Dubai underwater hotel that's not messing around when it comes to opulent accommodation.

Whether staying in lavish resorts is a habit for you or not, Atlantis Dubai, the Palm is the experience of a lifetime. So, if you've got the money honey, you're due for a night in this magical place.

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