Introducing Cabin, a one of a kind sleeper bus.

Are you a multitasking person? Perhaps you are the one talking on the phone while exercising. Or maybe you frequently eat your meals while driving. If you see no problem with brushing your teeth and hair at the same time, you are likely a multitasker. If this sounds like you then you have probably thought about ways to monopolize on the time you spend sleeping. What if we told you that Cabin provides a way for you to travel while you sleep?

No, you are not dreaming, this West Coast company offers overnight transportation to and from Los Angeles and San Francisco. For only $115, Cabin provides an ideal way to travel between cities. You no longer have to worry about getting to the airport or navigating hectic traffic.

Mirroring the practicality of overnight trains, Cabin combines accommodation and transportation.

This innovative design is purposed to create a hospitable travel environment. Cabin truly goes to great lengths to maximize your comfort. Some of their features include earplugs, a personal power outlet with USB sockets, reading light, WiFi, and luxury bedding. Additionally, their cabin attendants offer complimentary beverages for all guests. Every trip departs at 11:00 pm and arrives by 7:00 am (PT) the next morning. This gives you enough time to catch up on some sleep and arrive at your destination refreshed.

It is important to note that children under the age of 10 are not permitted to ride in Cabin. This mode of transportation is primarily geared towards adults. For guests with physical limitations, Cabin offers handicap tickets. Rest assured that their attendants are fully equipped to assist with all of your needs.

As you’re planning your next trek to or from San Francisco and Los Angeles, check out Cabin. Catch a few winks and gain a few miles, all from the comfort of your bed.

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