Move over, Batman and Superman

Six Flags Fiesta has just announced a new roller coaster based on another DC superhero: Wonder Woman Golden Lasso! This ride's unveiling comes hot on the heels of this summer's biggest blockbuster and promises to be just as thrilling. The ride joins Batman and Superman at Six Flags amusement parks as the first Wonder Woman coaster. But the new attraction is turning heads because of its innovative design.

Six Flags says the roller coaster is groundbreaking and the design behaves completely differently from other theme park attractions. The Golden Lasso will ride along a monorail design, instead of the double-rail of traditional roller coasters. Along with new train design, the coaster is the first of its kind in the world.

On the coaster, the journey begins by climbing an 113-foot hill before a 90-degree downward turn drops riders 100 feet straight down. The ride can reach max speeds of 52 miles an hour while ripping through steep turns and embankments. During the ride's three inversions, one corkscrew leaves passengers in a harrowing upside-down position for a few long seconds.

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The chief engineer at Six Flags says the attraction will be a high octane thrill ride that's super smooth. This is attributed to the ride's single rail. It eliminates much of that herky-jerky motion caused by the track misalignment of two-railed coasters. Also, the coaster train will have eight passengers riding single file, adding to its speed and agility. The tightly compact ride with a golden strand of coaster track is reminiscent of Wonder Woman's signature lasso.

And while everyone hates waiting in long lines, the queue for this one will be far from boring. Planned scenery features Greek architecture, wreckage of a crashed plane, and other scenes from Wonder Woman's new movie.

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso is expected to open in spring of 2018.

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