With new, innovative technologies, the Mountain Hardwear Laminina Sleeping Bag is one of the best options for ladies right now. 

From the extra roomy interior to a solid warmth rating, this is a great sleeping bag. The Mountain HardwearLaminina Z Spark Sleeping Bag is rated to keep you warm and happy starting at 34 degrees. It will keep you alive at temperatures much colder than that, but for maximum comfort, stay above freezing. So if already have everything you need for your backpacking adventure, make sure this is in your bag. With a light packing weight and size, there is no adventure this bag can't go on. So, get that backpack ready and hit the trail with the new Mountain Hardwear Laminina sleeping bag.

A Little About Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear Laminina

Founded in 1993 by industry leaders, Mountain Hardwear is established on the mission of providing outdoor products that perform exceptionally well. Having scene the industry move towards making cheaper products, Mountain HardwHardwear are stands out by innovating their own materials and technologies. They make their products for both the professional outdoorsman and the weekend hiker, knowing that both deserve solid, sustainable products. Mountain Hardwear has high standards for social responsibility, ecological impact, sustainability, and collaboration. For those seeking a product you can feel both good in and good about, the Mountain Hardwear Laminina bag will fit the bill.

Mountain Hardwear Laminina Sleeping Bag Features & Benefits

ThermalQ Insulation

Mountain Hardwear Laminina - Insulation

This fancy word might sound a little silly, but the ThermalQ insulation will give you a phenomenal nights rest. The ThermalQ insulation in the Mountain Hardwear Laminina sleeping bag can be compressed down for packing, but fully expands quickly. Having been tested time and time again in the lab and the field, ThermalQ is Mountain Hardwear's most innovative loft insulation yet. In the Mountain Hardwear Laminina, this ThermalQ synthetic insulation has a weight of only 1 pound, 7 ounces. This allows ease of carrying while not sacrificing the warmth of the fluffy down layer. You won't have to worry about catching a cold with this bag around you!

Lamina Construction 

Mountain Hardwear Laminina - Construction

The Lamina construction eliminates traditional stitching, allowing for a new fusion of the material. This in turn keeps more heat in that would otherwise have escaped through the stitches. This construction is paired with specifically targeted insulation. For ladies, the core and toes tend to get cold first. So, the Mountain Hardwear Laminina sleeping bag fluffs those areas up a bit to keep all of you toasty warm. 

With the technology that Mountain Hardwear has innovated and put into this bag, it is no surprise it is well reviewed and loved by all gear enthusiasts. 

Shaped and Zipped Specifically for Women

Mountain Hardwear Laminina - Shaped and Zipped

Let's face it, many women have differently shaped bodies than men. So, ladies, it's more than okay that we have gear specifically for us! The Mountain Hardwear Laminina sleeping bag has been cut to give us room where we need it most while minimizing excess material. This then makes it lighter for us to pack along. It comes in both regular size and long, respectively measured at 72 and 78 inches each. The bag measurements also change as you choose the long size. The hips go from 53 to 59 inches, and the shoulder girth from 58 to 60 inches. The foot girth also increases from 39 inches to 41. These will help you decide which bag is bet suited to your body. The change in weight is minimal between the two, going from 2 pounds, 6.8 oz to 2 pounds, 10.3 oz. 

This is a mummy shaped bag, so it will be form fitting to you. However, it thankfully has a full length zipper with two zipper pulls. This allows you to air out your feet if you'd like while keeping the rest of you cozied in. In addition, it has a small zippered pocket near the chest. This is great for storing earplugs, hand warmers, or your cell phone if you need an alarm for the morning. Lastly, it has a tailored hood that can cinch down around you along with a face gasket. This keep your head comfortable and able to see while sealing in warmth. Each of these small details shows that the Mountain Hardwear Laminina bag has been well thought out and designed.

Superior Materials for Durability and Comfort

Mountain Hardwear Laminina - Durability

Credit: Amazon

We've all had a piece of gear we loved for the first few times we used it. But then, it fell apart. Mountain Hardwear stands fully behind their gear, but also builds it to last. The Mountain Hardwear Laminina is no exception. The shell is made of 30D Nylon Ripstop. This has been processed with a DWR treatment which repels water. This allows you to even camp outside with a little dew and not be concerned about waking up wet. One reviewer even said she woke up with frost on her bag but was completely dry inside. So, don't fear the occasional sprinkle of rain. It will wick the first bit away.

The Mountain Hardwear Laminina also comes with the nylon compression stuff sack, and a mesh storage bag. Make sure to store it in the mesh storage bag, as it should be fully expanded as much as possible to retain loft over time.

What Travelers Are Saying About the Mountain Hardwear Laminina

While not widely reviewed yet, those who have taken the time to share the love for the Mountain Hardwear Laminina sleeping bag truly enjoy it. It is complimented for keeping them warm and dry, while not sacrificing on being lightweight. Almost every reviewer remarks on the roominess of the bag. While mummy bags tend to run snug, this one provides plenty of room to move around. This is a major plus for those of us who take a little while to get comfortable while sleeping on the ground. One slight complaint by a reviewer was that the zipper got caught in the draft flap. This was not a deal breaker for them, but it should be acknowledged. Overall, this bag has gotten four and a half stars out of five consistently from a myriad of reviewers.

Alternative Sleeping Bags

Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag

Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag

The Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag is a great alternative to the Mountain Hardwear Laminina. At a much lower price point, the bag still provides great warmth, rated to the same freezing temperatures. However, what this bag sacrifices is weight. Coming in at 5.8 pounds, it is not made for backpacking long miles like the Mountain Hardwear Laminina. While this one is not specifically designed for women, it has the same mummy shape with a larger foot box for maneuverability. So, if you're hoping to save a few dollars and just go camping, the Coleman North Rim is a great choice.

Marmot Trestles 30 Mummy Sleeping Bag

Mummy Sleeping Bag

The Marmot Trestles 30 Mummy Sleeping Bag is a stellar bag from another great outdoor brand. The Trestles is made to keep you just as warm with a lower packing weight than the Coleman listed above. Coming in at 3 pounds, 1 ounce, it is still a tad bit heavier than our Mountain Hardwear Laminina. This bag, however, also includes a well designed insulation called SpiraFil. Providing you with a great nights sleep, this bag also provides you the extra wiggle room at your feet. This bag is incredibly well rated, averaging about 4.4 stars out of 5.

Hyke and Byke 800 Mummy Sleeping Bag

Hyke and Byke

The Hyke and Byke 800 Mummy Sleeping Bag is our third and final alternative to the Mountain Hardwear Laminina. Coming in around the same price, this sleeping bag is able to shave off a few pounds, with the regular size weighing in at 2.04 pounds. Rated to thirty degrees, it should keep you just as warm. With a variety of colors to choose from, this up and coming company truly did well with this bag. Using ripstop nylon and ultralight premium quality goose down filling, this bag has been made to last. This bag averages 4.5 out of 5 stars on most reviews. Couple that with being a USA-based company and sustainable sourcing and you have another great option for a warm sleeping bag to take backpacking. 

With superior technology and light weight materials, the Mountain Hardwear Laminina is ready for your next backpacking trek. 

From the new synthetic loft technology to the women tailored fit, the Mountain Hardwear Laminina is well thought out. If you give so much time and energy to what you should wear backpacking, you should give that same attention to what keeps you warm at night. You can tell with each zipper placement and feature that this is a bag was made by women, for women. Whether you are going to backpack for the first time or are a seasoned expert, this is a solid mid-grade sleeping bag option as long as you're staying out above freezing. For outdoor enthusiasts and social activists, you can be proud of the sustainable product you are purchasing as well. So, between the water-repellent design and the packability, feel free to grab your Mountain Hardwear Laminina sleeping bag today, and hit the trail tomorrow.

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