Travel to China to be amazed by efficient public transportation.

China boasts the largest high-speed rail network in the world, reaching over 13,600 miles. Here you can find Beijing-Guangzhou, the earth’s longest rail line, at 1,428 miles. This particular line is projected to reach Hong Kong by 2018. Train travel is a primary method of transportation in the country. This advanced travel technology has greatly improved the Chinese economy. The success of these trains directly influences society.

The sky’s the limit for these trains.

This past month, China has launched yet another next-generation bullet train. Reaching speeds up to 220mph, this train has broken yet another world record for China. These faster speeds greatly lessen travel time between cities. China’s Fuxing, or Rejuvenation, will operate this newest route. These new models are more spacious and energy efficient than ever.

At 9 a.m. this Thursday, the Fuxing train left Beijing, commencing the official 220mph service offerings. The tickets for this train have been sold out for weeks. People are eager to partake in this new innovative public transportation design. More Fuxing trains will soon be in operation throughout the nation.

These trains' amenities include modern conveniences such as USB ports, power outlets, and free WiFi. Additionally, its high-tech monitoring equipment enables it to quickly stop the machine in case of emergency.

The country’s futuristic travel methods greatly benefit locals as well its visitors. Ride a bullet train 700 miles from China’s enormous capital of Beijing to Shanghai in just over four hours. This coastal city is the country’s largest metropolis. The ultramodern skyline of this bustling city will captivate you. No matter where you travel throughout China, the train system can quickly get you there.

If you visit China, you are sure to get up close and personal with the public transportation system. Don’t blink too slowly, as you might miss seeing the train pass.

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