A recent railway proposal from the Russian government has the world buzzing.

According to Vladimir Putin’s officials, there are plans to extend the Trans-Siberian railway into Japan. The railway currently ends in Vladivostok, and they may lengthen the line to reach Hokkaido, Japan’s main island. This would connect the two countries via train travel.

The project requires the construction of a 28-mile bridge to link the two landmasses.

This idea revolutionizes intercontinental travel of the future. Passengers will be able to ride 8,400 miles from London to Tokyo by train. If you don’t mind sitting for that long, this is certainly a convenient method to travel a great distance.

Coined the “bridge across history,” this proposal holds more weight than just simplified train travel. Such a feat signifies a tangible reconciliation to the prior hostilities among the countries during WWII. There was never a formal peace treaty signed between Moscow and Tokyo following the war. This rail extension agreement offers hope for improved transportation as well as the political climate.

The finished line will travel from Western to Eastern Europe before entering Russia. From there, it will cross the bridge to reach Hokkaido.

This route offers a variety of scenery to behold over the miles.

You will be treated to views of the whimsical skylines of Poland and the majestic architecture dotting the countryside of Germany. The rail line then continues across the vast terrain that is Russia. Here the snow-capped peaks of Siberia extend as far as the eye can see. Lastly, ride the 28 magical miles over a sea of blue before arriving in Hokkaido. From here, you can catch the Japanese railway to get to your final destination.

We are excited about the new opportunities that this Trans-Siberian proposal offers and are greatly anticipating the completion of this bridge to the future.

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