The changing of the seasons brings new opportunities, and with that, new travel experiences. One particular Asian nation is on the radar as a fall hotspot.

As we edge our way into September, you don’t have to look far to find the autumn enthusiasts who have long awaited the arrival of these months. Their excitement is understandable, as the appeal of this season is hard to miss. The breeze in the air carries a slight chill, reminding us that summer is quickly slipping away. It's enchanting to witness the leaves' colors transform before our eyes. Some of us have already pre-ordered our decorative pumpkin assortments. Others are obstinately still donning flip-flops and soaking up the last bit of warm weather. Regardless of who you most relate to, we're certain you'll love what Japan has to offer this time of year.

Japan holds a rich cultural history and hosts numerous celebrations year-round.

Customarily in Japan, seasons are held in high regard. Much anticipation and preparation go into each one. The country holds many autumn festivals and events such as the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony and the Okunitama Jinja Shrine Chestnut Festival. A particularly magical sight is the Chichibu Yomatsuri, a night festival held in late autumn. Special lanterns and colorful floats illuminate the darkness, leading up to a spectacular display of fireworks.

Autumn Japan

Credit: skyseeker / Flickr

Autumn is known for its iconic colors, and Japan certainly does not disappoint. Its vibrant hues of red and yellow are indeed a living watercolor.

The Japan National Tourism Organization offers the inside scoop on the best places to view the fall colors. The prime time to view Japan’s exquisite foliage ranges from September to early December, depending on where you go on the island. Fortunately, you can check the foliage forecast before you go to ensure you are at the right place at the right time.

Be sure to visit Mount Fuji during your stay. Gasp in awe at Japan's active volcano, its prestige perfectly framed by the vivid hues of the season.

While you are planning your next adventure over a pumpkin spice latte, we encourage you to consider experiencing the magic of a Japanese autumn for yourself.

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