One of the most beautiful countries to visit in the world is Switzerland.

This country is known for its vibrant landscapes. Travel anywhere in this country and you will be captivated by a living color palette of blues and greens. Here you will find the Lakes Geneva, Lucerne, and Maggiore. These bodies of water are some of the bluest your eyes will ever see. Switzerland is also home to the Matterhorn, the 14,000-foot iconic peak within the Swiss Alps. Within Switzerland, many hidden gems await discovery.

A particularly captivating gem is the city of Lavertezzo.

This scenic oasis has risen in popularity this year due to increased tourist social media postings. A petite municipality located in southern Switzerland, Lavertezzo has quickly gained attention around the world as a country must see.

The emerald-kissed waters of the Verzasca River are mesmerizing and a perfect place to capture that travel picture you’ve always wanted. This spectacular spot is nestled between several mountains and veiled with mist. After you float down the Verzasca, there are numerous other adventures to have here in Lavertezzo.

Switzerland - City of Lavertezzo

Credit: Diriye Amey / Wikimedia Commons

Bungee jumping is a common activity in Lavertezzo. The Contra Dam reservoir is the ideal location for this thrill of a lifetime. Bungee jump off of this elevated platform with the Verzasca River below.

Experience a true bird’s eye view when you walk the Ponte Tibetano Carasc Bridge, suspended over a forest of pines. A lesser known spot, this unique bridge is worth checking out.

Here is Lavertezzo, you are close to the Swiss Alps if you want to try your hand at mountain climbing. The Pizzo di Vogorno Mountain is located in Lavertezzo and is beautiful with its snow-capped peak.

Stop by Lavertezzo soon on your Switzerland trek and fall under the spell of its sparkling emerald waters.

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