There are many hidden treasures to be found within the islands of the Pacific Ocean.

The Federated States of Micronesia is a country that spans across the western Pacific Ocean. This nation is comprised of over 600 islands and boasts numerous historical landmarks. Here you can find wonders like the south pacific city ruins of Nan Madol. This particular spot was an inspiration to the writings of fantasy writer H. P. Lovecraft. In addition to the rich history, you can also enjoy the bountiful tropical paradise these islands have to offer. The island of Nauru is a particular wonder to discover. You can find authentic Pacific island charm here in this palm tree filled oasis.

Nauru is the world’s smallest republic.

Its first European visitors gave it the name “pleasant island.” This island country lies within Micronesia, just Northeast of Australia. Nauru has been a target of political controversy over the years, but it remains a beautiful gem to discover, despite these difficulties.

Nauru beach

Credit: Hadi Zaher / Wikimedia Commons

When you arrive, take a stroll along the white-sand beaches of this tiny island. Enjoy the view of jagged rock formations stacked within the vibrant sea. You might also encounter some of the locals as you trek through the thick rainforest. The indigenous Nauruan people reside quietly on the island as many of them make their living working in the coffee and copra plantations. These agricultural hotspots string along the coast of Nauru.

Anibare Bay is the boat harbor in Nauru and is a protected bay offers a shallow pool for swimming. Dive into the refreshing turquoise waters along with some of the native islanders.

Surfing and snorkeling are favorite tourist activities in many of the islands of Micronesia. With the crystal clear seas offering a window into life under the sea, the allure of the water is difficult to miss. Here you can float among coral reefs and a rainbow assortment of tropical fish. Then dive a little deeper to discover the many ship and plane wrecks on the ocean floor.

Venture to Micronesia and fall under the spell of the tropical paradise of Nauru.

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