Visiting the Swiss Alps never disappoints.

The Swiss Alps are a place of both wonder and adventure. The rolling green hills and vast snowy peaks create a magical landscape. Visiting here almost feels fictional, like a scene from The Sound of Music. With all the Swiss Alps have to offer, it is almost priceless to live here. However, one particular mountain town is paying people to move there.

Here’s how you can get paid to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Albinen is a quaint Swiss village, residing in the western part of the country. The mountainside village is quite hospitable and pleasing to the eyes. Nestled in an array of pine forests, Albinen is found right at the foot of the Swiss Alpine Range.

Swiss Alpine Range

Unfortunately, due to recent relocations, Albinen’s population is dropping dangerously low. With only 240 residents remaining, the town needs new members in order to thrive again.

According to reports, this town is offering 25,000 francs per adult and 10,000 francs per child for those who agree to move here. The catch? Applicants must agree to live in Albinen for the next ten years, or risk having to return the money to the town. Furthermore, Albinen has to be the individual’s permanent residence, not just a second home.

Families with multiple children would benefit immensely from this relocation. If you are under the age of 45, you qualify as a potential candidate. Visit Albinen soon and check out the rugged mountain appeal for yourself.We are sure you won't want to leave once you stop by.

Does living ten years in the Swiss Alps sound appealing to you? We think so. It is not every day you can get paid to live in such an incredible part of the world.

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