With spring break quickly approaching, is it safe to visit Puerto Rico?

In September of 2017, the worst hurricane in 85 years hit Puerto Rico. The repercussions of the category four storm severely devastated the island nation. Hurricane Maria left the entire island without power and damaged scores of buildings. Many families lost their loved ones and their homes. Five months later, Puerto Rico is still picking up the pieces from the tragedy. In light of the drastic impact of Hurricane Maria, it is only natural to experience hesitation about visiting the island. If you had Puerto Rico on your radar for spring break, here’s what you need to know.

What tourism in Puerto Rico looks like today.

The rapid reconstruction post Hurricane Maria is a testimony to the nation’s resiliency. As of now, many of the tourism spots are nearly back to normal. Popular travel destinations such as San Juan now have water, electricity, and in many cases, wifi. Visiting Puerto Rico is certainly feasible at this time. Keep in mind that a small percentage of select hotels and businesses may still be closed. It is important to call ahead to know just what to expect. If you’re coming from the United States, your cell phone carrier should also work in most tourist places.

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If you decide to venture to the island over spring break, flights are extremely affordable from most major U.S. airports. A round trip ticket from Philadelphia International Airport to San Juan is as low as $170 in the month of March. Additionally, Booking.com reports that during the last week of March, accommodations will be 22% cheaper than average.

You might feel a bit hesitant, vacationing in a place where so many people still need aid. However, know that contributing your tourism dollars is actually just what the country needs right now. Though many families and businesses are still without power, Puerto Rico’s tourist industry remains a significant part of the nation’s economy. Visit the island over spring break and witness firsthand Puerto Rico’s resilience and spirit through this disaster.

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