Monumental technological advances are in the works. This will change travel around the world.

Technician Elon Musk is breaking new ground within the field of public transportation. His rapid-transit plan is known as the Hyperloop One travel network. His company is dedicated to creating transportation systems that move at airline speeds but at a decreased cost. Hyperloop One is able to operate at these speeds by using depressurized tubes and magnetic levitation. It is intended to be used for both commercial and cargo purposes. The current plan is to have their first system in operation by 2021.

In a recent global competition, ten locations made the final list.

The ten locations chosen are the first proposed routes of this futuristic transportation network. Many of the United States' winning sites included major city connections. These routes are from Chicago to Pittsburgh, Dallas to Houston, Miami to Orlando, and Cheyenne to Denver. This transportation system will lessen travel time and is cost-effective to the consumer.

Particularly in the Rocky Mountain region, this new transportation will be a great asset to the frequent travel between cities. When the plan is enacted, the proposed Colorado route will be a 360-mile stretch from Cheyenne to Pueblo.

With this new mode of transportation, a journey by car that typically takes hours will take only a few minutes. The 70-mile route from Denver to Colorado Springs would only take nine minutes. You can travel from Colorado Springs to Pueblo in as little as six minutes.

In the areas surrounding Denver, the Hyperloop One travel network will significantly decrease the travel time between popular destinations. Denver is a city of young professionals, students, and commuters, and many of these individuals frequent nearby cities such as Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Greeley. With the Hyperloop One, long-distance travel will be a breeze.

These ten proposed routes are simply the beginning of a revolutionary future in transportation. So, keep your eye on the Hyperloop One and look for the nearest proposed location to you.

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