This airport is here to aid you with all of your family travels.

Traveling in general proves more challenging with kids. Dealing with airport lines and getting through security becomes much harder when you have little ones to juggle as well. Families with children with disabilities especially have a difficult time, as they need to provide a lot of extra care. One airport is bringing to light this reality that many families face on a regular basis.

This class is just what many families need for traveling with children.

New OrleansLouis Armstrong International Airport announced their plans to host a travel rehearsal event. Geared specifically towards families with children with autism, developmental, or intellectual disabilities, the event is purposed to ease the travel process for everyone. The mock airport set up allows the families to experience what it will be like to pick up boarding passes, go through security, and ultimately board the plane.

Airport travel This event takes place on April 28, 2018 from 6pm to 8:30pm. Fortunately, this activity comes at no cost to the families interested in participating. However, if you or a friend wants to be a part of this helpful class, then you need to submit an online registration. The event limits the group to the first 130 participants, so be sure to sign up as soon as you can.

Families should bring along whatever items they would normally take on a trip. This may include blankets, toys, security dogs, and comfort items. The goal of the event is to make the airport experience as real as possible for the kids.

If you know a family that would benefit from this practical event, be sure to spread the word. Traveling with children does not have to be intimidating, and with essential opportunities like this, stress is alleviated for everyone.

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