If you pride yourself on your earth-based diet, then this tour is for you.

Attention vegans: there is now a travel tour designed specifically with your diet in mind. If you live a life void of any animal products, then you understand the struggle to find good places to eat. Being a foodie can also be a challenge if you are a vegan, as most food tours aren’t designed with herbivores in mind. This is all about to change, thanks to Intrepid Travel.

Venture to foreign lands and sample their vegan dishes with Intrepid Travel.

The international tour agency specializes in offering niche travel experiences for people of all backgrounds. From cycling, sailing, to exploring the Arctic, Intrepid Travel likely has the tour you are looking for. Vegans too can now join the travel fun with the newest food tour addition.

Vegan Food Tour

Credit: Intrepid Tours

Intrepid Travel is offering culinary tours of Thailand, India, and Italy. These eight-day tours offer an exciting excursion across Europe or Asia, with tasty treats along the way. Trips include everything from vegan street food in Delhi to a home cooked meal in Chiang Mai. Intrepid Travel tours are a vegan’s dream come true.

The Italy tour takes guests on a wine tour across the beautiful landscape of Tuscany. From there, travelers venture to the cobblestone streets of Venice, where they get to eat La Tecia Vegana, the city’s first vegan restaurant. Other highlights include a vegan cooking class in the foodie town of Bologna and a selection of locally sourced, handcrafted furniture.

If you’ve been considering giving the vegan lifestyle a try, of course now might be just the time to start. According to Global Data’s research, the United States saw a 600% increase in people claiming to be vegan. More and more vegan restaurants are popping up across the United States and around the world. Join this lifestyle movement and see how veganism can change you for the better.

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