This bus beats your phone in battery power hands down.

In this day and age battery life is quite important. You won’t get very far if your phone's battery is low. Not having access to a navigation system or your shopping list affects your entire day. Technological advances are continually improving the battery quality of every gadget. This was evidenced on a much larger scale earlier this week. California based auto-manufacturer, Proterra, set a new world record. Their bus covered the longest distance ever traveled by an electric vehicle on a single charge.

This bus is a real game changer.

Indiana’s Navistar Proving Grounds hosted this feat. A 40-foot-long Catalyst E2 Max bus turned out to be a record-breaking machine. Here, Proterra’s electric bus journeyed 1,101.2 miles before its battery pack lost power. The bus beat a previous light-duty passenger vehicle's record of 1,013 miles.

A super size 660 kWh battery pack powers this bus, equivalent to 11 Chevy Bolts. This battery boasts a lightweight design and it reaches a full charge within an hour. Proterra sold 190 buses last year and reportedly anticipates exceeding that amount within the coming year. This kind of travel technology has the potential to revolutionize public transportation for the better.

Advances like this in the field of transportation are creating a more environmentally conscious world. Fortunately, eco-friendly travel is on the rise as people are becoming more aware of the need to preserve the planet. Alternative transportation methods such as electric vehicles, biking, or carpooling are all practical options to do this. There is so much room for creativity when it comes to going green.

We encourage you today to set aside your phone to charge. Go outdoors and enjoy all that the earth has to offer. Be inspired by the beauty around you and do your part to preserve it.

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