To all of you penny-pinchers, count those coins you have been saving, and they just might be enough to travel abroad.

The uber low-cost Icelandic airline is breaking new ground in airports across North America. WOW is a budget airline rising in popularity in the travel world. Its eye-catching prices alone are enough to make you take a second look. WOW offers international travel fares starting as low as $149. Prices like these are revolutionizing the traveler’s perspective of flying, making it possible for anyone to do so. Their no frill style is an easy trade off for the opportunity to journey abroad.

Before this year WOW Airlines had minimal service offerings in the United States. However, the recent push for expansion has America buzzing.

Their current expansion agenda includes numerous popular United States airports, making these affordable travel options even more accessible.

This year WOW has already expanded into Chicago O’Hare International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the United States. Dallas is the next targeted airport for WOW Airline’s services. In addition to this, WOW has plans to soon expand to airports such as Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, and St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

If you did not see an airport near you, don’t worry. WOW’s vision is to provide affordable air travel for every region of the United States. Soon you will be able to fly with WOW from right where you live.

The European airports that WOW flies to include favorite cities such as Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and London. What once cost thousands of dollars for airfare to travel to these iconic locations is now possible for much less.

Thanks to WOW Airlines, you can count those pennies, dust off your bucket list for Europe, and start planning your international trip today.

WOW Airlines