Set your sails on this gem of a luxury hotel.

After much anticipation and preparation, the Titanic Hotel opens to the public this Sunday at noon. Funded in part by the Titanic Foundation, the £28m Titanic Hotel is a historical masterpiece. The hotel is built on the location of former historic drawing offices, Harland & Wolff. This is the site where the initial planning for the Titanic began.

As the birthplace of the famous vessel, Belfast is indeed an ideal location for the Titanic Hotel. Belfast is the capital of Ireland and former European maritime hub. It is the city of divine cuisine and eclectic nightlife. Here you can walk the streets and trace the tale of the Titanic back to its beginnings.

The hotel’s interior and decor is designed to resemble aspects of the original ship design, built to maximize the Titanic’s authenticity and integrity. This venue is a beautiful tribute to the well-known tragedy and lies in conjunction to the iconic Titanic Hotel Belfast. When booking, the 119-room hotel offers bundling packages that include a visit to the renowned monument.

Titanic Belfast is the winner of the World’s Leading Tourist Attraction Award.

Featuring over nine interactive exhibitions, they truly bring the story of the Titanic to life. Here you can see the last remaining White Star vessel and tour the Titanic’s original tender ship. After the noontime opening of the hotel, be sure to stop by for their Sunday afternoon tea.

Titanic Foundation’s Kerrie Sweeney notes, “This is where one of Northern Ireland's biggest commercial ventures once stood over 100 years ago. Now stands a fitting tribute and another fantastic venture to shine a light on what was the largest shipyard in the world.”

Visit Belfast soon to experience its rich culture. Stay to enjoy the timeless beauty of the Titanic Hotel.

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