October is an important month for China; consequently, many locals celebrate by traveling.

On October 1st China celebrated their National Day. This anniversary began in 1949 and observed the initiation of the People’s Republic of China. The week following National Day is known as “Golden Week.” During this time many Chinese people trek around their country on holiday. Elaborate festivals are common in Chinese culture. Special occasions and milestones hold high regard in this nation, likewise, Golden Week is no exception. Millions of people enjoy the extended vacation by traveling around China and beyond.

In the spirit of travel and celebration, of course, we wanted to share a few of our favorite places to visit in China.

The Forbidden City is a palace found in the center of Beijing, China. Ancient Chinese history interweaves throughout this iconic attraction. Constructed in the Ming dynasty, the Forbidden City is a true architectural marvel from the past. Wander throughout the 90 courtyards and palaces as you make your way around the 980 buildings.

In the center of Beijing, you will find Tiananmen Square. This spot is one of the largest meeting places in the world. The Ming Dynasty Tiananmen Tower and the National Museum of China reside in this square.

Visit the Terracotta Army and observe the stone warriors, frozen in time. The Xi'an museum houses hundreds of these centuries-old artifacts.

Shanghai's Oriental Pearl Tower is an iconic piece of the city skyline. It’s futuristic design transports you to another time.

Of course, no visit to China is complete without walking along the Great Wall. This stone and brick wall is a favorite national attraction. Extending over 5,500 miles, walking the entire thing may present a challenge, but you can make your best attempt. Join a tour group and be educated about China’s history as you trek across this ancient world wonder.

Learn from China's locals and take a holiday week to explore this incredible country.

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