The most spectacular library in the world is now open.

As you add books to your reading list this year, you may want to add a library visit. Warning: You might not ever want to leave. In October 2017, likely the coolest library in the world opened in Tianjin, China. Tianjin Binhai Library is quite possibly every book lovers’ dream. Visit here to fall under its mythical spell of ink and paper.

With Tianjin Binhai Library’s futuristic design, you’ll want to check out more than the books. This public library is 362,744 square feet of pure literary enchantment. The unique, modern design creates the illusion of another world. You can wander the winding levels full of literature and browse everything from sci-fi to classic poetry.

You don’t want to miss the chance to visit Tianjin Binhai Library.

MVRDV designers collaborated with local Chinese architects in order to create this architectural masterpiece. The futuristic, geometric shape of the building is certainly unlike anything you have ever seen. We think Tianjin Binhai might even put Belle’s library to shame.

Tianjin Library

Credit: MVRDV

The library’s design is indeed eye-catching, this might largely have to do with the enormous eye shaped auditorium. The spacious spherical space serves as an excellent centre point for the facility. The library’s creators anticipate this space becoming an “urban living room for the public.” Tianjin Binhai Library’s sleek white structure certainly emphasizes the millions of books within its walls. Precisely 1.2 million books reside inside this library, so you will have no trouble completing your personal reading list.

Travel to China for the chance to experience the incredible Tianjian Binhai Library. This beautiful building is the perfect place to locate your next page turner. Will you be the next visitor to the world's coolest library?

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