Check out Lonely Planet's top picks for 2018.

South Korea recently made Lonely Planet’s list of top destinations for 2018. Their long awaited for announcement for next year’s top 10 countries included must-sees like Chile, New Zealand, and Portugal. Ranking high on this list was the nation of South Korea. This East Asian country offers warm beaches, rolling countryside, and modern cities, like Seoul, its capital.

If you want a taste of fresh urban culture with remnants of an ancient cultural past, look no further than the city of Seoul. This place is something everyone must experience at least once in their lifetime.

Seoul - Lonely Planet's

Check out all that Seoul has to offer visitors.

Gyeongbokgung Palace is an illustrious royal palace located in northern Seoul. Its intricate design work weaves in hues of maroon and jade. Walk across the royal courtyard as you make your way

The N Seoul Tower is a futuristic delight and a quirky addition to Seoul’s skyline. This observation tower offers incredible views of the city from above. Stay awhile at the very top and dine in the revolving restaurant as you enjoy your meal with the city before you.

For a unique city experience, visit Lotte World. This recreational complex is home to the largest indoor amusement park in the world. Over 32 acres are filled with endless fun for the whole family. The whimsical design and lighthearted atmosphere bring with it a Disney-like feel. Ride the thrilling theme park rides and enjoy the water slides and aquatic animal exhibits.

Seoul is an energetic hub in the heart of South Korea. You will not find a place like this anywhere else in the world. As you enjoy all that South Korea has to offer in 2018, don’t forget to add Seoul to the top of your list.

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