Whether you are missing the sun during the dreary days or simply need an escape, the following destinations are sure to bring you life this March.

March is almost here. For some of us, that means we can start dreaming of warmth and sun again, while others are nervous about the impending end of ski season. Whatever you fancy, there is an escape here to bring back some joy that winter often sucks away. So, whether you are excited about spring training in Phoenix or need to soak up some sun at the beach, we've got the destinations you're looking for. Here is my list of the top ten best places to travel in March.

1. Phoenix, Arizona

best places to travel in march - Phoenix

If you like sports, or even want to try your hand at experiencing America's pastime, head out to Phoenix, Arizona this march. With half of the Major League Baseball teams heading south west, you'll have plenty to see. From February 23rd to March 27th, teams will be going head to head at all the fields in the Valley of the Sun. Dubbed the Cactus League, you will get to experience brilliant ballparks, history, and architecture.

If you want to watch the Chicago Cubs, they'll be playing mostly at Sloan Park in Mesa, where the stadium will remind you of Wrigley Field. If you're planning on bringing kids along, head to the Salt River Fields in Talking Stick, Scottsdale. There is an autograph pen for kids only, so they can secure all their favorite signatures of the Arizona D-backs and whomever plays them. All of the stadiums are less than 47 miles apart, and usually a much shorter drive than that. So, if baseball gets you excited, then Phoenix is definitely one of the best places to travel in March.

2. Platte River Valley, Nebraska

best places to travel in march - Platte River Valley

Throughout March and early April, Sandhill Cranes will descend upon the Platte River Valley in Nebraska to refuel for their migration. You will be able to watch up to 500,000 cranes and various other birds including eagles, geese, and ducks here. As they travel to Canada, Alaska, and Siberia, they birds need to refuel. They spend three to four weeks eating corn scraps from farmers fields. After adding on about two full pounds of weight to their slender frame, they will be ready to continue their journey. As far as animals in large numbers go, these swarms of majestic birds will dazzle you. Known as the Great Migration or the Great Flyaway, this is a phenomenon known by animal lovers around the globe. So, why not come and experience the joys of the circle of life this year in Nebraska.

3. Patagonia, Chile

best places to travel in march - Patagonia, Chile

As the summer season comes to an end in Patagonia, it quickly made our list of the best places to travel in March. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, we all adore the fall colors and joys of the changing season. So, why not experience that for a short bit in our spring? As it is the end of the main tourist season, the national parks will be less crowded, leaving you more room to enjoy the vast expanse of nature at your disposal. Also, the hotel rooms and camping fees will start to deflate again as well, saving you a few dollars in the budget.

Because you will have less fellow visitors, you will most likely spot more wildlife. As most wild animals enjoy quieter surroundings, they will feel comfortable enough to break out of their cover. So, imagine finally spotting the Red Fueguian Andean fox with the golden-touched fall landscape as the background. Did I mentioned that all of these March touches will make your pictures absolutely unbelievable? So, Patagonia clearly earns a spot in the best places to travel in March list with it's smaller budget and brilliant landscapes.

4. Sun Valley, Idaho

best places to travel in march - Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley is known for its' spectacular skiing, but this town holds more than majestic mountains. In March, it holds the annual Sun Valley Film Festival. If your family is hard to please, Sun Valley might be one of the best places to travel in March with everyone. For the active ones, they can go enjoy the US Alpine Skiing Championships from March 19th through 26th. Also, kids will ski free all through March at the Sun Valley Resort. While half of your family is shredding the slopes, the other half can enjoy documentaries and narrative films such as Beirut and Nona. The Film Festival is also known for it's brilliant Coffee Talks. These are one hour discussions with industry superpowers sharing they're battles and highlights. This year, Gwyneth Paltrow will be speaking. Tell me that doesn't immediately make Sun Valley one of the best places to travel in March!

5. Crete, Greece

best places to travel in march - Crete, Greece

Crete is the largest and most populated of the Grecian islands, meaning it has all of the best amenities for your sunshine excursion. If you're needing a 24/7 Vitamin D sun vacation, this is your best choice on the list. With the white sand beaches and fresh, zesty food all around, you will be refreshed by Crete's hospitality. If you're looking for more than beaches, you can hike up to Mount Ida, which rests at over 8,000 feet high. For our history buffs, explore archeological sites at Knossos or the old churches that are scattered around the island. Family fun can be found at the various caves, museums and even the Aquaworld Aquarium. The variety of activities along with the endless rays of sun make Crete great choice of destination on the best places to travel in March.

6. Carmel by the Sea, California

Carmel by the Sea, California

Tucked in the Monterey Peninsula is the quintessential small coastal beach town. Carmel by the sea is rated as the 8th best place to visit in the US by Conde Nast. Their restaurant scene wins 7th on the Conde Nast foodie list. So, boasting a spectacular reputation, Carmel by the Sea easily is one of the best places to travel in March. For your eating pleasure, the Relais & Chateaux Gourmet Fest is happening from March 15th to 18th. This is a collaboration of the world's finest chefs and best winemakers to bring you out of this world culinary delights. From cooking demos to rarity dishes, you can meet, greet, and dine with some of the best chefs of our era.

After you've taken your fill at Gourmet Fest, take advantage of your food coma on the world famous Carmel Beach. The beach is great for lounging with your dog, surfing, or even for a scenic wedding ceremony. Last but not least, Carmel by the Sea is one of the most vibrant art and author sanctuaries in the US. An abundance of galleries, classes, and organizations can be found on the streets, always supporting the arts. So, whether you love to appreciate and collect or are a creative artist yourself, you will find inspiration and a muse here. So, Carmel by the Sea is, hands down, a spectacular choice for our best places to travel in March.

7. Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California

Nestled in the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs is an oasis of spas, leisure, and architecture. As one of the best places to travel in March, it has a plethora of activities for you. Start your week here with by floating above the canyons on the Aerial Tramway. Along your two and half mile ride, you will sail to Mt. San Jacinto State Park where you will have unbelievable views of the valleys. Enjoy dinner at the top before you sail back down to the city. Next, you can spend a day enjoying the Palm Springs Art Museum. Everyday has free admission, so go enjoy some Andy Warhol or other desert art. Palm Springs also boasts a spectacular botanical gardens and zoo.

Finally, the name Palm Springs screams hot spring. With a number of spas to choose from, there is no shortage of pampering here. If it's a massage, hot stone treatment, or a hot tub and sauna combination you're looking for, Palm Springs will deliver. Lastly, did I mention that Joshua Tree National Park is just a few miles away? Hop on over to the desert to see some of the best landscape and unique plant life in the Unites States. So, between the nature and the city life, Palm Springs should be on your list of warm places to travel!

8. Montenegro

best places to travel in march - Montenegro

Montenegro doesn't pop into your head when you think travel destination, which is exactly why it is one of the best places to travel in March! With a quieter feel, you can escape the hustle and bustle of life before the craziness of summer rolls around. Placed on the Adriatic Sea, there are stunning views from anywhere in the country. Start at Lake Skadar where the vivid greens and blues of grass and water contrast against each other brilliantly. For more hiking, check out Black Lake or Biogradska Gora. Both of these parks have ample hiking and wildlife viewing.

When you've had your fill of nature, tour a royal residence known as King Nikola's palace. For other buildings to explore, check out the Ostrog Monastery and the Kotor Cathedral. Both will give you glimpses into the older era of this country and it's rich history. So, from nature to history and culture, Montenegro sneaks into list easily.

9. Tulum, Mexico

best places to travel in march - Tulum, Mexico

For that every desired Mexican escape without the party atmosphere of Tijuana, fly over to Tulum, Mexico. Located 90 minutes south of Cancun, Tulum is home to white sand beaches, moist rain forests, and a culture of inclusivity and spunk. The center of town will be busy and difficult to find parking. North of town is a more resort feel, but has more space, housing, and beaches. But, for the true hippie vibe your chasing, head south. This is where vegan and vegetarian restaurants abound, as well as yoga studios and beach bum shops. With open air taco stands and walking to the beach everyday, the little town will dazzle you.

Don't think that Tulum's charm stops here, though. Their are Mayan ruins along the beach that you can explore. Enjoy this step back in time while you travel alongside iguanas. Near the ruins are also many snorkel and diving spots. So, whatever kind of adventure you fancy, Tulum will be one of the best places to travel in March.

10. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga is one of those sneaky cities that has slowly come up through the ranks to be a destination for all. Perfectly placed in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee, you'll have gorgeous views from anywhere in the city. Being in the mountains, you'll have a variety of outdoor excursions to choose from. Whether you want to try your hand at climbing, white water rafting, or even mountain biking, there are plenty of options.

Chattanooga secured its spot on our best places to travel in March because of the overall variety this city offers. With specialty museums and attractions rivaling Washington DC, you can easily fill up weeks with different things. One of my favorites is the Songbirds Guitar Museum for you music lovers. Whatever things you choose to fill up your time here, make sure that Ruby Falls is on your list. Standing tall as an 145 foot underground waterfall, Ruby Falls will impress you with it's unique features. To make it a full day trip, tack on a zip line adventure as well! So, Chattanooga is your family friendly best place to travel in March, so plan your trip today.

Whether you're searching for a easy place to escape with the family or somewhere to soak up the sun again, we've cultivated a spectacular list of the best places to travel in March.

So, go ahead and pack your bags. If you're excited to make the most of your spring break, I hope you let yourself experience the Mayan Ruins in Mexico or charming ocean side towns in California. Let yourself relax before summer rolls around and get away.

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