Book a hotel in some of the most remote places on earth.

Some of the most beautiful and alluring destinations are also the most isolated. Because of their location, it can certainly be a challenge to access these locations. It is even more challenging to figure out accommodation. Fortunately, an innovative boutique hotel took it upon themselves to dream up the ultimate faraway lodging.

Enjoy Tetra’s ultramodern design while also taking in the rustic surroundings.

The Tetra Hotel might just be the answer you need when it comes to visiting those off the grid places. As the latest boutique hotel endeavor, Tetra has big plans for the travel world. The accommodation undertaking includes a unique hotel design – an assortment of triangular concrete pods.

These futuristic hotel pods look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Their geometric shape and sleek appearance starkly contrast the rugged surrounding terrain. Fortunately, the design material is carbon neutral, as some of the company’s primary goals are forest preservation and sustainable agriculture. Tetra Hotel aims to be as minimally intrusive as possible to these remote places.

The Tetra Hotel plans to launch roughly 42 concrete pods. These freestanding, 62-foot triangles offer multiple levels to a single hotel room. The top floor offers a bed and a skylight. The middle floor is a bathroom, the next serves as a living room of sorts, and the ground level includes an office with a desk.

There is no official destination selected yet for Tetra’s first boutique hotel. The company is considering places throughout Norway, Canada, New Zealand, Cape Verde, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Hungary, and the U.K. This summer Tetra Hotel plans to reveal their choice as they move forward with their plans.

Keep your eye out for more news about Tetra Hotel and plan your visit to the world’s most untouched destinations.

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